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Bamboo Shoot is an Ingredient in Genshin Impact. Ingredients are materials used for cooking food, these are usually obtained as drops and can be found in the open world or it can be purchased from certain Merchants. Some ingredients need to be processed by using other ingredients which requires a certain amount of time to be prepared.


A fresh young bamboo shoot, straight out of the ground. It is a delicious cooking ingredient with an exotic aroma, found exclusively in bamboo-growing regions.


Genshin Impact Bamboo Shoot Information

  • Item Type: Ingredient
  • Source:

    Foraged, Purchased


Where to get Bamboo Shoot in Genshin Impact

  • Foraged around amboo trees along the road between the teleporters West and Southwest of Qingce Village.
  • Purchased from Chef Mao for 240 Mora

  • Processing/Gardening Time: n/a

Ingredients / Materials:

  • n/a


Bamboo Shoot Usage in Genshin Impact

Food Usage:

Other Items Usage: 

  • n/a


Bamboo Shoot Notes & Tips

  • Bamboo Shoot Genshin Impact  notes, tips, and trivia go here.



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