Commissions or Daily Commissions are part of the Quests available in Genshin Impact. They are also known as the Daily Comissions. They are unlocked after reaching Adventure Rank 12 and after completing Every Day is a New Adventure. These start off in Mondstadt and as players progress Comissions in other Regions and Locations will also be able to be unlocked. Each day players will get 4 commissions from the Adventurers' Guild. Players will receive a reward if each completed and once they complete all 4 they can receive bonus rewards from the Guild.

How do you get Commissions in Genshin Impact?

These Commissions are available everyday and reset at 4:00am servertime. Each reset players may find fou from the Adventuters' Guide from the Quest Menu or Adventurerer Handbook.  

How do you unlock other Locations' Commissions? 

Other Regions Commissions each have their own requirements before players can access them. The other two Major Regions you can find Comissions are in Liyue and Inazuma. These Comissions can be unlocked by completing the following:

  • Inazuma: The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia and Katheryne in Inazuma
  • Liyue: For a Tomorrow Without Tears and New Horizons of Adventure

Genshin Impact Common Commissions

These Common Comissions are the regular and most commonly given commission quests. They are not attached to a long quest journey or a storyline and rewards are dependent on the player's Adventure Rank Rating.

  • "For The Harbingers!"
  • A Crackling Crisis
  • A Gentleman Strikes in Broad Daylight
  • A Small Step for Hilichurls
  • Adventurer Exam: Battle Tactics
  • Adventurer Exam: Taking Flight
  • Adventurer Exam: The Art of Adventure
  • Bad Doggies
  • Big Ice-Cold Crisis!
  • Calling Down the Thunder
  • Capsizing Waves
  • Crisis of Shields
  • Dangerous Haul
  • Emergency
  • Felonious Floaters
  • Full Speed Ahead
  • Icy Issues
  • Impregnable Defense
  • Increasing Danger
  • Lightning Bottler
  • No Honor Among Thieves
  • No Place for Banditry
  • Operation Thunderous Ignition
  • Perilous Watersport
  • Plug-and-Play Plan
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Pudgy Pyrotechnicians
  • Rules of Safe Transportation
  • Safe Conduct
  • Spreading Evil
  • Straight to the Heart
  • Swift Slayer
  • AR-Dependent Rewards
  • The Littlest Journey: Medicine On-Hand
  • The Thundering Wilds
  • Voltage Charge
  • Wandering Evil
  • Why Hit Rocks?


Genshin Impact Commissions



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