Electro Regisvine

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Location Mawtiyima Forest, Sumeru
Element electro element genshin impact wiki guideElectro
Boss Type Normal Boss

Electro Regisvine is a Boss in Genshin Impact. Bosses are special enemies that are typically stronger than your average enemies and elite enemies. They usually have their own location or arena within the game. Bosses provide better rewards than normal enemies, but you will need to spend a certain amount of Original Resin to claim them. There are some bosses that won't require you to spend resin, as you will encounter some of them through the Archon Quests. Event Bosses also won't require you to spend any resin to claim its rewards.

When fighting bosses, it is important to be prepared and smart in choosing the right characters for the fight, some bosses are immune to certain elemental reactions, and it would be a waste if you were to pick your main DPS character to have the same elemental strength as the boss.


A huge vine that has morphed into a monster through the conduction of high-voltage currents through the Ley Lines.
Electricity surges constantly from its canopy like the unending rage of the earth itself.
Kshahrewar researchers once submitted that a complex circuit matrix might be set up around this creature to carry electrical energy to the city for use there. This plan was stridently opposed by scholars from Spantamad, who sacrificed 10 Shroomboars to drive home the point about the dangers of utilizing electricity.


Where to Find Electro Regisvine


Electro Regisvine Rewards and Loot

Players have a chance to gain these items upon defeating this Boss enemy. Drop rates and items may vary. Player level and other factors may affect these results. 

  • Mora
  • EXP  




Electro Regisvine Strategies

Strategy Writeup

Since this is an Electro boss, it is recommended that you use Pyro, Cryo, or Dendro. Additionally, using a Playable Character who utilises Bows with these elements would be beneficial, as you will be able to hit the Regisvines weak point regularly throughout the fight. Characters such as Ganyu, Amber or Collei can be used for this. The Core (weak spot) will shift locations from the head and the base, so make sure you are targetting the right part during the fight. 

Once the core is broken, the Regisvine will become vulnerable and fall to the ground, reducing all of it's resistances by roughly 300%, allowing you to commit to a full combo with all Elemental Bursts.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Core Transfer

When the fight starts, the Regisvine will instantly spawn a weak spot called a core on its corolla (head). This core will transfer between the base of the boss and the corolla throughout the fight, and if broken, will stun the boss for about 10 seconds and lower all of it's resistances by roughly 300%.

The core for this boss is weakest to Pyro, Cryo, or Dendro, so try to include one of these Elements in your party.

Shockwave The Regisvine slams its corolla into the ground 3 times, creating 3 trails of spikes to emerge from the ground each time dealing Electro DMG
Body Slam Slams its corolla onto the ground and spins in a half circle, dealing AoE Electro DMG to characters in contact. 
Body Slam (360) Slams its corolla onto the ground and spins in a full circle, dealing AoE Electro DMG to characters in contact (Only does this after stunned from the Core breaking)
Laser Beam Shoots a laser from its corolla onto the ground in a half circle twice, then shoots a bigger laser perpendicular to the ground and following the player. 
Missiles Rapidly shoots Electro bolts at the player.
Falling Thunder Summons Thunderbolts to fire at the player from the sky.


Electro Regisvine Lore

A huge vine that has morphed into a monster through the conduction of high-voltage currents through the ley lines.


Electro Regisvine Notes & Trivia

  • Electro Regisvine Boss Notes, & Trivia Go Here



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