Enter the Golden House

enter the golden house domain genshin impact wiki guide
Location Mt. Tianheng, Sea of Clouds, Liyue
Type Trounce Domain
Unique Rewards tusk of monoceros caeli talent material genshin impact wiki guide 150 pxshard of a foul legacy talent material genshin impact wiki guide 150 pxshadow of the warrior talent material genshin impact wiki guide 150 px
Boss Childe, Eleventh of the Fatui Harbingers

Enter the Golden House is a Trounce Domain in Genshin Impact. Domains are dungeons in Genshin Impact which challenge the player to fight enemies for rewards such as Artifacts, Weapon Ascension Materials, Weapon Enhancement Materials, Talent Level-Up Materials, Mora, and more. There are 6 different types of Domains in the game: Domains of Blessing, Domains of Forgery, Domains of Mastery, Trounce Domains, One-Time Domains and the Spiral Abyss.


The storm clouds gathering over Liyue have finally parted, and the schemes that once gripped this land have been shattered by the combined efforts of the Qixing, the Adepti, and yourself. Still the memories of your duel with Childe of the Fatui in the depths of the Golden House remain fresh in your mind. Relive this duel and you may yet learn something new...


Enter the Golden House Information Genshin Impact

  • Required Adventurer Rank: 35/40/45/50
  • Recommended Party Level: 60/70/80/90
  • Resin Cost: 60 (30 for the first 3 Trounce Domain rewards claimed)


Where to Find Enter the Golden House in Genshin Impact

Mt. Tianheng, Sea of Clouds, Liyue (Click to enlarge)

enter the golden house domain location genshin impact wiki guide


Enter the Golden House Rewards in Genshin Impact

Enter the Golden House rewards players with the following unique Talent Materials:

Enter the Golden House also rewards players with the following:

 Enter the Golden House has a small chance to reward players with other items:


Enter the Golden House Ley Line Disorder Genshin Impact

Level Ley Line Disorder



Enter the Golden House Boss Guide in Genshin Impact

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
 Hydro Attack  These hydro attacks will sometimes mark play with Riptide which will cause them to be targetted more for future attacks.  Once marked, there will be another attack where hydro elements will fall on the marked surfaces on the floor indicating their target. Players are more likely to be followed by these attacks when marked. 
Shield Childe has a basic shield that surrounds him. This blocks some DMG, but you can continue to attack as this does not block all DMG.  It is also possible to break through his shield.
Water Whip This works like a counter as well, and occurs in the midst of receiving attacks. This attack does not deal damage but knocks back players. 
Counter He has the ability to counter with a splash of water, pushing players back. This can be hard to predict
Spin Slash A basic melee weapon combat move. He does pull back before executing this action so be prepared to step back
Shark fin Summons a shark fin to charge forward. Usually he will hop off the ground just before this happens. If you keep moving it is unlikely to hit you. 
Projectiles You may see Child shoot projectiles up in the area. Their landing area target will be indicated on the floor. These markers progress slowly, just walk or run off them to avoid damage. 
Reposition Sometimes you may find a fast wave that cuts through the arena and Childe is missing. This move used to reposition himself. Simply follow the stream to locate him and be prepared for you attack. This is sometimes followed up with a Slash. So don't approach him right away.
Raging Tide  
Celestial Voyager This move is called out by Childe. It summons a large whale. You may notice a ring form around him just before this move is executed. Move away and get as much distance as you can from the indicated space since this move has a very large AoE
Phase 2
Riptide This riptide move works like the riptide application of the hydro attack in phase one. When marked with riptide Childe can then more easily shoot electro beams on you. Remove the riptide mark to avoid being targeted. 
Electro Elemental Everything works similarly to the attacks in phase one, except laced with he elctro element now. Some attacks double. In phase 2 Childe can perform a 3 time combo slash up to 5 times in a row. 
Electro Throw In this move, Childe pulls back first and then spirals and throws a string of electro attacks that sweep the floor. The AoE is indicated with the electro indicator markers on the floor. 
Zoom Childe can use his ability to dart himself across the arena. Hitting him will cause electro damage. Keep moving away in the direction he's heading to avoid contact.
Beam Here he marks the player first, the player can then run from this mark to avoid getting blasted by the coming electro beam that follows this mark. 
Phase 3
Hydro Electro Combo Attacks in this phase are enhanced with either a hydro or electro element. AoE is enhanced, large and some additional attacks are added. It is recommended to stay away from his line of sight.
Hydro Rings
Hydro Blasts
Throws hydro discs in one direction. The second attack is similar with a different animation. It is also a directional attack but stems from the floor. Find your way circling around him or get out of his line of sight.
Diagonal Strike He strikes twice with his electro swipe. Back away form him to avoid contact. This foes not have a large radius so you can just dash back once. 
Electro Wheel blade He sends an electro wheel around the arena.  As long as you remain to the side of the wheel, it should not run towards you. 
Hydro Arrow Rain Childe Summons a rain of arrows with a large AoE, only leaving a small safe spot to stand on. Stat towards the center of the arena to keep out of the affected areas. 


Strategy Writeup

This boss encounter uses a string of electro and hydro abilities, getting stronger with each phase. It has a fluctuating stat and large dynamic movement large AoE attacks. Methods from phase 1 can be carried over to the last phase. The over all tactic is to stay away from the line of sight of the boss while remaining in the center of the arena to get the best possible position in order to run to a safe spot when it comes to a large AoE attack.

Phase 1
  • Physical - 0
  • Pyro - 0
  • Hydro - 50%
  • Electro - 0
  • Cryo - 0 
  • Anemo - 0
  • Geo - 0


Enter the Golden House Notes & Trivia 

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  • Enter the Golden House other notes, tips, and trivia go here.
  • Most Domains allow Travelers to choose a difficulty from I-VI or I-IV, with each subsequent difficulty giving more bountiful rewards, but also making the Domain more challenging. Each difficulty has an Adventurer Rank requirement that restricts Travelers from entering Domains too difficult for their current level. 



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