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Weapon Type Catalyst
Weapon Rarity 4
Passive Bonus Frost Burial
Weapon Base Stats
Base ATK 42 - 510
2nd Stat
2nd Stat 9% - 41.3%

Frostbearer is a Catalyst in Genshin Impact. The catalyst is a weapon that conjures basic elemental magical attacks, this weapon is both deadly and can be utilized in any range. Not all playable characters can equip a catalyst, but instead, only certain characters specialize in using the weapon in battle.


A fruit that possesses a strange frosty will. A faint sense of agony emanates from it.


Frostbearer Information


Frostbearer Acquisition

  • Forging
  • Frostbearer can be obtained by ???


Frostbearer Combat Mechanic

  • Depending on the character, the basic attack either unleashes AoE attacks or Single-Target attacks. The output of the attack will also depend on the Element of the character you are using.
  • Playable Characters who can wield the catalyst can charge up a strong attack by holding the attack button to infuse their element, releasing a strong AoE attack. This consumes stamina.

Frostbearer Notes & Trivia

  • Increasing the base level of a weapon can be done by consuming other weapons or by using Weapon Enhancement Materials.
  • Weapons can be Refined by consuming the same Weapon. Once it is consumed, the rank of the weapon's passive effect is increased up to a max of Lvl. 5.
  • Weapons can be Ascended upon reaching the maximum level of the current level. It can be ascended up to 6 times that has a max of Lvl. 90. Players will need to spend Mora, the game's main currency, and Materials in order to ascend the weapon. Ascending further increases the stats of the weapon.



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