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December 4th, 2020 – December 14th, 2020

Gliding Challenge is an Event in Genshin Impact that is no longer available and may not return in the future. Events are limited time challenges that can be comeleted by a player to obtain special rewards, some of which are exceptionally rare, such as the Crown of Insight. Events can also include story quests for new or existing Playable Characters, which may not be playable after the event duration has been completed. There are 6 different types of events in Genshin Impact, all of which require a different level of contribution from the player. 


Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge Event Information

  • Event Type: In-Game
  • Event Duration: December 4th, 2020 – December 14th, 2020
  • This event is currently not available and it may or may not be reinstated in future updates or patch notes.


Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge Event Details


During the event, a new gliding course will be unlocked each day.
The final score for a given course will be determined by the time spent to complete the course and the number of insignias collected along the way.
Rewards will be determined by the final score achieved at the end of the challenge.

Talk to Hughes the adventurer at the specified location and interact with the nearby mechanism to begin the "Gliding Challenge" event.
Each day, you can attempt the same course as many times as you like to set a new high score.

During Gliding Challenges, you can use the Ascend skill while in flight. Using this skill will cause you to fly a certain distance directly upwards.

During Gliding Challenges, you can collect particles in the air to charge up your Sprint ability. Once fully charged, use this ability to hurl yourself forward through the air.

You can store up to a maximum of two full Sprint charges.

If you spend too long on a challenge or land for too long, you will fail the challenge and have to restart.
During the challenge, pay attention to your altitude and remaining skill charges, collect enough particles, and utilize your skills at critical moments to speed through the course.
You will encounter various obstacles in "Gliding Challenge" courses to test your ability to navigate in the skies.
Wind Breakers are unusual Anemo rings that do not allow any wind to pass through them. Perhaps it'd be best to find a way around these strange rings.

Dusty Balloons are filled with dirty air. If you collide with one, the resulting dust cloud will hinder your view.

Just as their name implies, Explosive Balloons are hazardous items that can explode. If you happen to collide with one, the resulting explosion will send you hurtling through the air.

If you want a smooth flight through each course, perhaps it'd be best to find a way around all these obstacles.


Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge Event Rewards

(Assuming full completion)


Gliding Challenge Notes & Tips

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  • Gliding Challenge Event other notes, tips, and trivia go here.



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