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Region Inazuma
Character Type Event NPC

Hosseini is an NPC in Genshin ImpactNPCs are non-playable characters that can be interacted with and who makes an appearance in the game. NPCs are characters that add contrast to the game's lore where they provide information, some are categorized as quest givers, while others are categorized as Merchants whom you can trade with or request for certain services.




Genshin Impact Hosseini Information

Hosseini is a limited-time event NPC, who is a scholar from Sumeru and was sent by Sumeru Academia. Hosseini is a Driyosh of Sumeru Academia who was sent to collect Irminsul Fruit from Liyue.

However, it attracted monsters and the fruit exploded, leaving him with nothing as he had spent a large fortune to come to Liyue, it had been the focus of his thesis and for his supervisor. Fortunately, the Traveler arrived and helped reclaim the fragments before taking them to a Domain with an energy amplifier to gather data.


Where to Find Hosseini in Genshin Impact

  • Hosseini can be located in multiple areas during various events such as Energy Amplifier Initiation, Shadow of the Ancients and Energy Amplifier Fruition.


Hosseini Notes & Tips

  • Hosseini Other notes, tips, & trivia go here.



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