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Rarity TBC
Role TBC
Gender Female
Birthday TBC
Vision cryo element genshin impact wiki guideCryo
Constellation TBC
Main Weapon TBC
Passive Talent TBC
Elemental Burst TBC

Layla is a Playable Character in Genshin Impact. These playable characters are the various roles that a player can add to their party and take control of in Genshin Impact. Each character in the game is unique from one another, they are different when it comes to the element they harness, the weapon that they use, their appearance, stats, strengths, weaknesses, and many more.


"She always says that she's overwhelmed writing her thesis and drawing star charts stresses her out, but she's more resilient than anyone, and refuses to fall behind... Why do I know her so well? Hehe..."

—A mysterious girl who calls herself "The Stars' Blessing".


Genshin Impact Layla Information

  • Role: Sub-DPS/Support
  • Vision: cryo element genshin impact wiki guideCryo
  • Constellation: Luscinia
  • Main Weapon: Sword
  • Elemental Burst: Dream of the Star-Stream Shaker
  • Elemental Burst Effect: TBC
  • Character Passive Talent: Shadowy Dream-Signs
  • Passive Talent Effect: TBC


Genshin Impact Layla Talents

List of the character's Talents

Sword of the Radiant Path

  • Normal Attack
    Performs up to 3 rapid strikes
  • Charged Attack
    Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to unleash 2 rapid Sword strikes.
  • Plunging Attack
    Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damagin opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact

Night of Formal Focus 

  • Puts forth a shield known as the curtain of Slumber, dealing AoE Cryo DMG. The Curtain of Slumber's DMG Absorption is based on Layla's max HP and absorbs Cryo DMG with 250% effectiveness, Layla will have Cryo applied to her briefly.
  • Night Stars and Shooting Stars
    While the Curtain of Slumber is active, it will create 1 Night Star that will be attached to it every 1.5s When a character protected by this shield uses an Elemental Skill, 2 Night Stars will be created. Night Stars can be created once every 0.3s in this way. A maximum of 4 Night Stars can be accumulated at any one time.

    Once Curtain of Slumber has accumulated 4 Night Stars and there are opponents nearby, these Night Stars that will be fired off in sequence, dealing Cryo DMG to any opponents hit. If the Curtain of Slumber's duration ends or it is destroyed. If they are already being fired off as Shooting Stars, these Shooting Stars will last until this wave of shots ends.

    New Night Stars cannot be created until the previous wave of Shooting stars has been fired completely.
  • "She and I are like two master artisans who have never met, yet who sit at the same cushioned seat, embroidering the same dream-flower"

Dream of the Star-Stream Shaker 

  • Unleashes a Celestial Dreamsphere that constantly fires Starlight Slugs at opponents within its AoE , dealing Cryo DMG.When a Starlight Slug hits, it will generate 1 Night Star for nearby Curtains of Slumber. Each Curtain of Slumber can gain 1 Night Star this way every 0.5.s

    "Sleep now, sleep now: and may many destinies be revealed before your slumbering eyes, within your star-paved dreams"

Like Nascent Light 

  • While the Curtain of Slumber is active, the Deep Sleep effect will activate each time the Curtain gains 1 Night Star:The Shield Strength of a character under the effect of the Curtain of Slumber increases by 6%. This effect can have a maximum of 4 stacks and persists until the Curtain of Slumber disappears.

Sweet Slumber Undisturbed 

  • The DMG dealt by the Shooting Star fired by Nights of Formal Focus is increased by 1.5% of Layla's Max HP.

Shadowy Dream-Signs

  • When Layla crafts Character Talent Materials, she has a 10% chance to receive double the product.


Genshin Impact Layla Constellations

List of the character's Constellations

Fortress of Fantasy

  • The Shield Absorption of the Curtain of Slumber generated by Nights of Formal Focus is increased by 20%, Additionally, when unleashing Nights of Formal Focus, she will generate a shield for any nearby party members who are not being protected by a Curtain of Slumber. The shield will have 35% of the absorption of a Certain of Slumber , will last for 12s, and will absorb Cryo DMG with 25% effectiveness

Light's Remit

  • When Shooting Stars from Nights of Formal Focus strike opponents, Layla. Eact Shooting Star can restore Energy to her in this manner once.

Secrets of the Night

  • Increases the Level of Nights of Formal Focus by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Starry Illumination

  • When Nights of Formal Focus starts to fire off Shooting Stars, it will grant all nearby party members the Dawn Star effect, causing their Normal and Charged Attack DMG to increase based on 5% of Layla's Max Hp. Dawn Star can last up to 3s and will be removed 0.05s after dealing Normal or Charge Attack DMG.

Stream of Conciousness

  • Increases the level of Dream of the Star-Stream Shaker by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15

Radiant Soulfire

  • Shooting from Night of Formal Focus deal 40% increased DMG, and Starlight Slugs from Dream of the Star-Stream Shaker deal 40% increased DMG. Additionally, the interval between the creation of Night Stars via Night of Formal Focus is decreased by 20%

How to Get Layla in Genshin Impact

  • Characters are primarily be obtained by using Primogems Materials to perform Wishes or Gacha Pulls.


Layla Lore & Character Story

Official Introduction

A Rtawahist student, Layla specializes in Theoretical Astrology and draws star charts tirelessly in order to write her thesis.

Due to her teachers' high expectations, her desk is always stacked with a mountain of papers that never seems to decrease no matter how hard she tries.

Having suffered greatly under a severe lack of sleep, stars had begun swirling before her eyes if she so much as stared at her blank manuscript.

This was no way to be — and so she resolved to take a short break, all the better to face reality head-on with a clear mind afterward.

When she woke up, a myriad of stars now adorned her blank manuscript.

Layla rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn't dreaming. Somehow, the thesis that was due tomorrow was now written clearly upon the pages before her.

Was this a "Thesis That Fell From the Sky"? Or "The Stars' Blessing"? Or could it be... "sleepwalking" — that thing spoken of in legend?

...There was no time to ponder such matters — her next class was about to start.

Character Details


Character Story 1

(Unlocks at Friendship Lvl. 2)


Character Story 2

(Unlocks at Friendship Lvl. 3)


Character Story 3

(Unlocks at Friendship Lvl. 4)


Character Story 4

(Unlocks at Friendship Lvl. 5)


Character Story 5

(Unlocks at Friendship Lvl. 6)



(Unlocks at Friendship Lvl. 4)



(Unlocks at Friendship Lvl. 6)



Layla Notes & Tips

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