Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip

Location Springvale

Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip is a Story Quest in Genshin Impact. These are quests that are encountered when you gain characters and achieving their required adventure rank encountered in the world of Teyvat. Each has a story chapter named after their constellation which players can unlock to learn more about the character and possibly play as them briefly as a "trial" character, even if they do not own the character.


 Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip  Sub-Quests, Descriptions and Rewards



 How to begin: After reaching Adventure Rank 12 , you would be able to get the story quest in your quest tab.

Little Chef on a Hunt

Cooking Appointment

  • Description: While out on a stroll, you bumped into a strange girl. This girl, a chef from Liyue by name of Xiangling, is on a journey to seek out exotic ingredients. She enlists your help in a hunt, but your private hunting expedition appears to have earned the ire of Draff , the leader of the hunters. You head off to apologize to him..
  • Adventure EXP: 125
  • Primogem: 0
  • Mora: 4650
  • Other Rewards
    Adventurer's Experience x2
    Fine Enhancement Ore x5

Secret Ingredients

  • Description: To your surprise, Draff did not intend to reprimand Xiangling, but instead wanted her to help promote Springvale's meat products instead. Sticking to her principles, Xiangling refused to cook for advertising, and would have left if she was not attracted to the smell of Brook's cooking. What begans as a chat devolved into disagreement about how to prepare food, and ended in the declaration Of a cook-off between the head chef of Springvale and the chef from Liyue.
  • Adventure EXP: 175
  • Primogem: 0
  • Mora: 6,575
  • Other Rewards
    Adventurer's Experience x3
    Fine Enhancement Ore x8

Lucky Find

  • Description: Xiangling believes that Lotus Heads and Jueyun Chilies alone will not let her prevail in the cook-off, and sets off to find more ingredients.
  • Adventure EXP: 125
  • Primogem: 0
  • Mora: 4650
  • Other Rewards
    Adventurer's Experience x2
    Fine Enhancement Ore x5

Present from the Past

  • Description: Xiangling took a keen interest in the rumor that the ruins contain a gigantic Cryo Regisvine, and ran inside to investigate. Worried about her safety, you quickly follow the impetuous chef.
  • Adventure EXP: 225
  • Primogem: 0
  • Mora: 8475
  • Other Rewards
    Adventurer's Experience x4
    Fine Enhancement Ore x10

Cooking Showdown

Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip Walkthroughs

  1. While hanging around Springvale, the traveler would encounter Xiangling observing some wild board. Ensue the cutscene explaining here fascination and goal to capture board meat. The Traveler would then assist in this endeavor and fulfill that objective  by giving 3x pieces of meat. Note that you don't need to use meat only gathered from this quest. If you have a large stock of meat in your inventory you could fulfill this objective instantly.
  2. Eventually there would be a cutscene where would be a local from Springvale who would react with shock due finding that Xiangling and the Traveler was actually hunting Boars in a protected area and may ruin boar habitat in the area and may cause them to flee thus depriving Springvale of its meat source.
  3. Realising the error of her ways, Xiangling tries to apologise but Alan refuses the apology, directing that if Xiangling and the traveler were to make the apology it would be to Draff, their chief. Head towards into Springvale and talk to Draff.
  4. Upon meeting Draff, rather than a hostile attitude Draff recognises Xiangling as the world renowned chef who created the menu for the famous Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue. One thing led to another and as the conversation goes. Draff wants Xiangling's help in order to promote Springvale's signature meat and due to continued discussion of Springvale's meat Xiangling will find herself in a contentious debate on her culinary methods springvale meat with the local chef Brook. In order to break the stalemate, a cooking contest with the best skill and the rarest ingredients. And again she would recruit the Traveler to to this great task.
  5. From here the Traveler would dispatched by Xiangling for ingredients. Specifically Lotus Head and Jueyun Chilis. Considering where these ingredients are abundant you would probably find youself in Liyue to gather them. After doing so, Xiangling would then ask you to accompany her in an area she describes somewhere she hasn't explored yet. There your chef party would find a shivering and weakend man. The person describes himself as a hunter who was in pursuit game before being frozen. With curiosity peaked, Xiangling and the traveler venture deep into the ruins for said game. 
  6. At the end of the dungeon you will then meet the boss of this quest, the mighty Cryo Regisvine. As a Cryo , element strong against it like Pyro and Electro are recommended. When fighting the boss, keep in mind that it would have an exposed part on its bottom which would be described as its root. It would have its own very small health bar. Every time you destroy the root, you would have a limited time where the boss would be vulnerable to attack and would not respond. 

    A majority of the Regisvine's attacks are usually attack to a specific  arc of the circle around the boss considering it doesn't move. So a majority of its move set can be dodged by switching from that arc of the Regisvine.
  7. After defeating the boss, the traveler and Xiangling would then return to the village with the said frozen meat. After a few more minor objectives with helping Xiangling with the cooking, you would then be able to finally finish all of the cooking quest and the cutscene on judging the food will play out.
  8. Draff would admit that Xiangling creates a better dish and would give her the win of the contest but it is later found but we will later find out in the cutscene that the biggest reason she won is also from a long extinct species that can never be recreated losing the point of the contests to be able to create  a dish that can be promoted from Springvale. At the end even though she won the contest Brook's proposal ended being adapted and Xiangling mentioning that without the extinct meat she woud have won anyway. Thus she ended up getting the promotion from Xiangling that she wanted and ending the quest.


Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip Notes, Tips, & Trivia

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