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March 10th, 2022 – March 21st, 2022

Of Drink A-Dreaming is an Event in Genshin Impact that is no longer available and may not return in the future. Events are limited time challenges that can be comeleted by a player to obtain special rewards, some of which are exceptionally rare, such as the Crown of Insight. Events can also include story quests for new or existing Playable Characters, which may not be playable after the event duration has been completed. There are 6 different types of events in Genshin Impact, all of which require a different level of contribution from the player. 


Genshin Impact Of Drink A-Dreaming Event Information

  • Event Type: In-Game
  • Event Duration: March 10th, 2022 – March 21st, 2022
  • This event is currently not available and it may or may not be reinstated in future updates or patch notes.


Genshin Impact Of Drink A-Dreaming Event Details



  • Adventure Rank 28 or above
  • Complete Archon Quest Interlude Chapter: Act I - "The Crane Returns on the Wind"
  • Complete Eula's Story Quest "Aphros Delos Chapter: Act I - The Spindrift Shall Never Return to the Sea"
  • *During the event, the Adventure Rank required to unlock "Aphros Delos Chapter: Act I - The Spindrift Shall Never Return to the Sea" will be adjusted to 28, and the Story Quest will not require a Story Key to unlock.


Gameplay Overview

  • Talk to Luka in Mondstadt to take part in the "Of Drink A-Dreaming" event.
  • The event is divided into two phases: "Tavern Tales" and "Bartender Challenge." The Bartender Challenge can only be unlocked after completing all the Tavern Tales.
  • During the event, Travelers are required to make drinks tailored to the customers' requirements. They can also develop recipes for various drinks. Travelers that complete the challenges and objectives will receive the corresponding rewards.

Drink Mixing

The ingredients for mixing drinks is divided into 3 foundations and 6 flavorings. A drink usually consists of 3 ingredients, which must include a certain amount of foundation.

Three Foundations:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Juice

Six Flavorings

  • Milk
  • Fizzy Water
  • Cocoa Paste
  • Caramel
  • Lemon
  • Mint

How to mix

  1. Add suitable foundations and flavorings. Click the recipes on the mixing interface to check the drink ingredients required
  2. Click the buttons in the order displayed to mix the drink correctly.
  3. According to the cup size required by the customer, click when the needle moves into the corresponding area.

Tavern Tales

Each of the first 3 days of the event will feature familiar faces visiting the Angel's Share tavern to order their favored drinks. Talk to your customers, mix them drinks, and hear their stories.

Complete the quest to obtain Primogems, Mora, and other rewards. Complete all 7 Tavern Tales to obtain the Furnishing "Tavern Shaker: Grumous Oscillation."

Bartender Challenge

From the fourth day of the event, you can begin the Bartender Challenge by talking to Charles in the tavern. The event includes four challenges, in which you are required to complete customers' orders within a time limit to earn a higher score.

While doing the challenge, customers will keep coming. Successfully mix drinks for them to obtain points.

You must be aware of the remaining wait time for each customer. If the corresponding drinks are not completed within the time limit, the order will be regarded as unsuccessful and will not obtain points.

When there are multiple orders at the same time, click the portraits to check the req uests of different customers. You are free to arrange the mixing sequence based on the remaining time of each order instead of the sequence in which the order appears.

Score a certain amount of points in the challenge to obtain rewards such as Primogems, Hero's Wit, Talent Level-Up Materials, Weapon Ascension Materials, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Mora.

New Mix

You may view recipes you have not unlocked yet in the Drink Archive. Talk to Charles after unlocking the "Bartender Challenge" phase to develop new drink recipes. You can refer to the recipe description to select the appropriate ingredients for mixing. Once the mixing is successful, the corresponding recipe will be unlocked.



Genshin Impact Of Drink A-Dreaming Event Rewards

(Assuming full completion)


Of Drink A-Dreaming Notes & Tips

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  • Of Drink A-Dreaming Event other notes, tips, and trivia go here.



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