Pure Geo Hypostasis

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Location Event Domain: Hypostatic Symphony
Element Geo
Boss Type Event Boss

Pure Geo Hypostasis is an event Boss in Genshin Impact encountered in the Hypostatic Symphony. The normal boss based on it is the Geo Hypostasis. Bosses are special enemies that are typically stronger than your average enemies and elite enemies. They usually have their own location or arena within the game. Bosses provide better rewards than normal enemies, but you will need to spend a certain amount of Original Resin to claim them. There are some bosses that won't require you to spend resin, as you will encounter some of them through the Archon Quests. Event Bosses also won't require you to spend any resin to claim its rewards.

When fighting bosses, it is important to be prepared and smart in choosing the right characters for the fight, some bosses are immune to certain elemental reactions, and it would be a waste if you were to pick your main DPS character to have the same elemental strength as the boss.


Gold-weaver, Jade-spinner.


Where to Find Pure Geo Hypostasis

  • Event Domain: Hypostatic Symphony


Pure Geo Hypostasis Rewards and Loot

Players have a chance to gain these items upon defeating this Boss enemy. Drop rates and items may vary. Player level and other factors may affect these results. 

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Pure Geo Hypostasis Strategies

Strategy Writeup

This is the pure event version of the Geo Hypostasis boss encountered in Hypostatic Symphony Day 3. They will have almost the same attack sequences and combat with the addition of a few new extra abilities and attacks found here. 

Destroy the Rock Pillars to prevent the Geo Hypostasis from reviving

When facing the Geo Hypostasis, a feature you will notice about this arena is the Geo pillars placed around the arena. Some changes have been made to the columns. This can be used to your advantage as you go through the different phases of the enemy attacks as well as focus some of your attacks on them. Each of these pillars will have their own set of HP. One strategy is to bring multiple pillars to 1 before starting to destroy them. Destroying a pillar will leave behind an orb that will deal damage to the boss when you attack it. Destroying all of the first set of pillars will bring the boss to the next phase of attacks. Eventually, it spawns another set of pillars and by this point, focus your energy on destroying these pillars to finish off the Geo Hypostasis.

These pillars in this version of the boss have an additional feature and can later on in combat shoot additional projectiles. Players will need to have their shields ready. Going through the attack sequences, you may come across a geo shard which will grant a shield once picked up.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
 Pillar In a normal encounter a the core will no longer change positions, but instead causes an AoE damage after exploding. This will turn into a damaging mechanic that will now deal continuous damage. Destroy this to obtain a Geo Elementla Shard and gain a shield. Later in the battle these pillars will also begin to fire projectiles continuously at you making the combat with this boss more challenging and players will need to use their shield to decrease damage intake. 
Shockwave If the pillars are cleared, but the boss has not been defeated, players will encounter shockwaves indicated by the lighting patterns on the ground send from another set of  stone objects, each with their own HP again. Destroy these to stop this attack sequence. 
Returning Abilities (Geo Hypostasis)
Bullets The Geo Hypostasis takes a second to transition before commencing with a stream of bullets. This will be directed towards the player, but can be out ran. Either run ahead of the stream to avoid getting hit, or as mentioned in the strategy section of this guide, use the arena to your advantage and hide behind the closest block of Geo. This will also help deal damage to the pillars at the same time.
Geo Rain During this move, an opening from above will appear and a rain of bullets will shower. These spots don't move so simply avoid the area of effect.
Pulsing Shockwaves Once you see the boss spawn a small golden cube of himself, step away from the pillars as these will start to emit a shockwave of damage. At this point you can also approach the geo orb that the boss has spawned of himself and aim for this to deal additional damage. Breaking this cube will also create a barrier from the shockwaves. Step back when the boss reforms.
Clap Once you see the boss form two flat forms, take a step back. Thsi form will usually take a second before clapping in the middle, dealing damaging if you are caught in the center.
Marked AoE At some point you will notice a Geo ring marker around your character. As soon as you notice the effect indicator on the ground, quickly dash out of the marked area to avoid damage.
Smackdown Hammer This next phase will commence once all pillars have been destroyed. To anticipate the area of damage, look out for the shadow on the floor and step away from.
Second set of pillars During this second summon of pillars, focus on destroying them to finish off the Geo Hypostasis.


Pure Geo Hypostasis Lore

Boss Lore & Story Goes here


Pure Geo Hypostasis Notes & Trivia

  • Pure Geo Hypostasis Boss Notes, & Trivia Go Here



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