Sea Breeze Dandelion

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Character Jean
Rarity ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Sea Breeze Dandelion is an Outfit or Cosmetic Outfit in Genshin Impact. Outfits for Genshin Impact are an equipment category of the game that are usually featured in special events or purchased via the Character Outfit Shop. These change the appearance of a Playable Character that can be previewed and worn in the Dressing Room. Outfits are purely cosmetic, and add no real stats or strength to any character that has them equipped, meaning they are not helpful in progressing the game.


Jean's summer wear. Light and cool, but no less elegant for it. The perfect choice for a trip to the seaside.


How to Unlock Sea Breeze Dandelion Outfit in Genshin Impact

  • Currently obtainable by spending 1,680 primogems on Sea Breeze Dandelion in the Genshin Impact outfit store, as long as the player has pulled Jean.


Unique Voice Lines for Sea Breeze Dandelion Outfit in Genshin Impact

Listed below are some unique voice lines of Jean when they are wearing their character outfit, Sea Breeze Dandelion.

  • "Such a delightful summer outfit, I do hope I don't get it dirty."
  • "I wonder what scents the sea breeze will bring us today?"
  • "With the sea's breeze."


Sea Breeze Dandelion Outfit Lore in Genshin Impact

The Acting Grand Master's life runs like the gears of a machine, driven by the great force of heavy responsibility, constantly being ground down by work.
Over time, the armor of chivalry has become like Jean's second skin, the presentation of proper dress code and a formal image becoming ever more firmly forged into her nature.
But in truth, Jean is no older than the ordinary young women around her.

In the novels that these young ladies enjoy, gorgeous gowns are as quintessential as sun, moon, and starlight themselves, and some opulent noble scions do indeed sit pretty in dresses that sprawl out like palaces, their hem-lines and long skirts intertwined like the lapping waves of the sea.
Perhaps Jean once had such romantic aspirations too. After all, who has never hankered after the blissful beauty of luxury?

But now, Jean has had her wish granted with a set of form-fitting summer wear made just for her — and this one item has far surpassed any number of beauteous dresses that appeared in her novels.
"I heard that the original idea was Barbara's and that she and Lisa searched every store before deciding on the most suitable design."
"Then Kaeya was somehow able to convince Master Diluc to hire craftsmen to make some modifications..."
"...With fabric chosen by Amber out of her experience with making Baron Bunnies, to render it comfortable but relatively inexpensive..."
"...And with gems for decoration picked from Albedo and Klee's collections."
"The tailoring was then overseen by Noelle, right down to the last needle and thread..."
"...And the detailed dimensions were provided by Lisa, who even sewed this lovely rose ornament on personally..."
This gift, made for her by everyone, was the loveliest surprise she had ever had.

If her previous holiday was a tiny respite amidst a sea of work, this seaside trip was an unexpected opportunity to fully relax.
Having laid her armor aside, she now shimmered in the sea's light like a twirling dandelion.
"This... is the first time I've ever had such a relaxing summer holiday."


Sea Breeze Dandelion Outfit Notes & Tips 

 In-Game Model:

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