Summer Fantasia

summer fantasia dlc genshin impact wiki guide
Release Date July 13, 2022
Genre ARPG
Platforms PC
Price Free-to-Play
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer Co-Op
Online YES
Developer miHoYo
Publisher miHoYo

Summer Fantasia is an upcoming update or DLC for Genshin Impact announced in a live stream on July 2nd 2022, scheduled to release on July 13th 2022, under patch 2.8. The main character introduced with this update is Shikanoin Heizou, a melee-style 4 star Anemo Catalyst user. The new content added includes Kaedehara Kazuha's story quest, Shikanoin Heizou's hangout quest and the Summertime Odyssey event, a revamp of Golden Apple Archipelago from version 1.6. New skins for Diluc and Fischl will also be included in the update, under the title "Silhouettes of the Night".


Who is the new character for Genshin Impact's Summer Fantasia?

Shikanoin Heizou will be a 4 star Anemo catalyst character debuting in the Summer Fantasia 2.8 patch. As of update 2.8, Heizou will be the only melee-centric catalyst user in Genshin Impact, making his playstyle one of the most unique in Genshin Impact's character roster. 

Heizou is introduced as a young Inazuman detective working for the Tenryou Commision. He is described as free-spirited and unruly, yet cheerful and lively. He has extraordinary intuition in solving cases and has been described as "godlike" in his reasoning ability and efficiency. 

Heizou will be obtainable after the release of the Summer Fantasia update from the Leaves in the Wind banner and the Sparkling Steps banner starting from July 13th, 2022, along with a drop rate boost.


What new content will be included?

  • Kaedehara Kazuha's story quest will give players insight to his backstory in the Acer Palmatum chapters. The highlight of this quest will be his family's tradition of forging weapons, and the forging of his own weapon to duel a mysterious purple sword, one of the highlights of the Summer Fantasia update trailer.
  • Similar to other 4 star characters, Shikanoin Heizou will get a hangout quest in the Summer Fantasia update; a quest featuring a unique story with multiple possible endings and rewards that can be obtained from each completion. 
  • Summertime Odyssey will bring back some areas of the Golden Apple Arpichelago quest, but revamped to account for the new story. The featured characters for the event will include Fischl, Mona, Xinyan and Kazuha. Players can participate in this event to obtain multiple rewards, the most notable of which being Fischl along with her new skin, "Ein Immernachtstraum".


What is Summertime Odyssey's quests?

  • Resonating Visions is a conch-collection quest which will provide players with special rewards upon completion, such as Primogems and Fischl's new skin Ein Immernachtstraum.
  • Remeniscent Regimen is a co-op event including 3 different challenges: Descent, Raid, Convoy. In descent, players will defeat enemies while falling. In raid, players will use their waverider to board platforms. In convoy, players will protect a convoy of goods until it reaches a destination 
  • Hidden Strife is a combat challenge which will feature Diluc's new skin, Red Dead of Night, as a trial. It is a battle event in which players defeat enemies in stages with chosen buffs, similar to the Phantom Flow event from version 2.0.
  • Evermotion Mechanical Painting is a gear puzzle quest in which players restore paintings by arranging gears to their correct positions, featuring Felix Yogue, a person from the court of Fontaine.
  • All quests will provide Primogems, Mora and Heroes Wit upon completion, along with one Crown of Insight and other talent level-up materials.

How to get the Red Dead of Night skin

The new skin "Red Dead of Night" will include brand new attack and idle animations for the 5 star pyro character Diluc. This is a premium skin which will only be obtainable in the store for at least 1680 Primogems, though its real price is unknown as a result of it being the first 5 star skin released as of update 2.8.


Genshin Impact Conch Map Locations

Click on the images below to enlarge it.

Broken Isle

broken isle conches genshin impact wiki guide 400px


Middle Island (Unnamed)

middle island conches genshin impact wiki guide 400px 


Pudding Isle

pudding isle conches genshin impact wiki guide 400px


Minacious Isle

minacious isle conches genshin impact wiki guide 400px


Twinning Isle

twinning isle conches genshin impact wiki guide 400px




Genshin Impact Phantasmal Conches Guide

 Secret Mission Log

  1. On a slope in the north side of the mountain, near the seaside and close to the waverider waypoint.
  2. Requires a lot of climbing~ It's recommended to start from the west-most side of the mountain (Where Secret Mission Log: 1 Is). Will be on the edge of the top of the mountain.   
  3. On top of a rock pile near the beach in the open. 
  4. About 10 meters south from Secret Mission Log: 3, also on top of a rock pile, but further from the beach.
  5. North-east of the mountain teleport, near rocks and a fallen tree.
  6. On a rock in the beach beside a group of hilichurls and south of the ruin guard
  7. On a rock close to where the ocean begins on the beach
  8. Under the cliff, on a rock close across from the pillar inside the hollow part of the mountain

Ongoing Mission Image

  1. Close to the shore, on top of a rock
  2. Near the wooden stairs of a hilichurl camp on the shore
  3. On the top of the cliff, directly next to the the teleport waypoint
  4. Underneath the mini-cliff where the Electro Fatui is.

Central Camp Image

  1. At the top of the mountain, which you can get to by climbing the roots inside the hollow part of the mountain
  2. After finishing Xinyan's quest, enter the cave and solve the totem puzzles. Lower the mountain by interacting with the drum, and it will be on top of a lantern inside the cave.
  3. On top of crates in the center of the island, in a hilichurl camp.
  4. After finishing Fischl's quest, talk with the 3 stone birds and throw 3 stones into the well to raise the water level and get the conch.


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