The Lost Valley

the lost valley domain genshin impact wiki guide
Location Fuao Vale, The Chasm, Liyue
Type Domain of Blessing
Recommended Elements pyro element genshin impact wiki guideelectro element genshin impact wiki guidegeo element genshin impact wiki guideanemo element genshin impact wiki guide

The Lost Valley is a Domain of Blessing in Genshin Impact. Domains are dungeons in Genshin Impact which challenge the player to fight enemies for rewards such as Artifacts, Weapon Ascension Materials, Weapon Enhancement Materials, Talent Level-Up Materials, Mora, and more. There are 6 different types of Domains in the game: Domains of Blessing, Domains of Forgery, Domains of Mastery, Trounce Domains, One-Time Domains and the Spiral Abyss.


The ancient ritual grounds were buried beneath the earth amidst a cataclysm that tore heaven and earth asunder before being uplifted by the descent of an alien object, and finally unveiled by a destructive battle that resulted from a betrayal. Nonetheless, those who once frequented this place are no more.


The Lost Valley Information Genshin Impact

  • Required Adventurer Rank: 30/35/40/45
  • Recommended Party Level: 59/69/80/90
  • Resin Cost: 20


Where to Find The Lost Valley in Genshin Impact

Fuao Vale, The Chasm, Liyue (Click to enlarge)

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The Lost Valley can be unlocked by using the Travelers Geo Resonance in the area.

Place the first Geo Construct in front of the tablet of the Domain.

Place another Geo Construct equidistant from the first one and the large Geo rock.

Use a strong attack against the Geo rock to create shockwaves that connect to each construct, and thus opens the domain cave entrance.


The Lost Valley Rewards in Genshin Impact

The Lost Valley rewards players with the following:


The Lost Valley Ley Line Disorder Genshin Impact

Level Ley Line Disorder
  • When characters use Elemental Skills, a shockwave will be unleashed, dealing True Damage.


The Lost Valley Enemies in Genshin Impact

Level Enemies

Defeat 2 opponents within 360 seconds


Defeat 4 opponents within 360 seconds


Defeat 5 opponents within 360 seconds


Defeat 3 opponents within 360 seconds


The Lost Valley Notes & Trivia 

  • ??
  • The Lost Valley other notes, tips, and trivia go here.
  • Most Domains allow Travelers to choose a difficulty from I-VI or I-IV, with each subsequent difficulty giving more bountiful rewards, but also making the Domain more challenging. Each difficulty has an Adventurer Rank requirement that restricts Travelers from entering Domains too difficult for their current level. 



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