Troublesome Work

Location ??
Adventure EXP 425
Primogem ??
Mora 9475
Otther Rewards Adventurer's Experience x5
Mystic Enhancement Ore x3

Troublesome Work is a Story Quest in Genshin Impact. These are quests that are encountered when you gain characters and achieving their required adventure rank encountered in the world of Teyvat. Each has a story chapter named after their constellation which players can unlock to learn more about the character and possibly play as them briefly as a "trial" character, even if they do not own the character.


 Troublesome Work  Sub-Quests, Descriptions and Rewards



Troublesome Work

Lost Book

  • Description: Many people forget to return the library books they've borrowed, leaving Lisa no choice but to chase them and retrieve the books. Marjorie and Sara have agreed to return the books they borrowed as soon as possible, but Donna's seems to have been stolen. You decide to track the missing book down by following the trail left by an elemental marking Lisa made on it.
  • Adventure EXP: 425
  • Primogem: 60
  • Mora: 9,475
  • Other Rewards: 
    Teachings of Ballad x5
    1000 Years of Loneliness
    Adventurer's Experience x5
    Mystic Enhancement Ore x3
    Teyvat Travel Guide - Mondstadt
    The Pale Princess and the Six Pygmies (I)

Troublesome Work Walkthroughs

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Troublesome Work Notes, Tips, & Trivia

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