Wings of Companionship

wings of companionship event genshin impact wiki guide

Event Type

In-Game, Permanent

Event Duration

Since September 28th, 2020

Wings of Companionship is an Event in Genshin Impact. Events are limited time challenges that can be comeleted by a player to obtain special rewards, some of which are exceptionally rare, such as the Crown of Insight. Events can also include story quests for new or existing Playable Characters, which may not be playable after the event duration has been completed. There are 6 different types of events in Genshin Impact, all of which require a different level of contribution from the player. 


Dear Travelers: We are sending something special to all Travelers who have come with us on this journey — the Wings of Companionship!


Genshin Impact Wings of Companionship Event Information

  • Event Type: In-Game, Permanent
  • Event Duration: Since September 28th, 2020


Genshin Impact Wings of Companionship Event Details

Wings of Companionship can be obtained from the players in-game mail when they start their account.

If the player does not claim the reward after 30 days, the message will auto-delete. 

Genshin Impact Wings of Companionship Event Rewards

 Wings of Companionship can reward players with the following items:

  • Wings of Companionship


Wings of Companionship Notes & Tips

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  • Wings of Companionship Event other notes, tips, and trivia go here.



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