Genshin Impact Lore 

It covers the story, setting, and world that the game is in. This page features the backstory and the different elements that add depth and richness to the game. In the game, players get to play as either the male or female twin who are travelers and can navigate other worlds, however, on one of their journeys, they encounter an Unknown God and find themselves in an epic battle. During the battle, things turn out worst for the siblings as one of them gets pulled into another dimension as the other survives. As the twin you choose, you must uncover the secret behind the entity you encountered, find and bring back your twin, and hopefully... to right the wrong. As the Unknown God has taken your power you are given the choice to get an element from this world that you are trapped in, you will use this power to Complete Quest, Take on unknown monsters, and make your team strong to defend yourself from danger.


The Beginning of your Journey

As you awake from your slumber you will meet Paimon your floating travel buddy, as the intro says "you save Paimon from drowning a few months ago" to suggest that you have been in Teyvat for longer and you think. After you finish talking with Paimon, she will lead your first Waypoint (Waypoint-Used for quickly and efficiently travel around the world of Teyvat) when activating your first Waypoint you are enlightened on how to use your Mini Map and How to use a Waypoint. After making your way to the Cliff yo


First Element

Ameno (Air)- Anemo is the First Element you will receive and master during the start of your journey

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