New Player Help for Genshin Impact covers various information that will help a player understand the basics of the game's mechanics as well as recommended things to do before starting the game. The purpose of this page is to help both new and veteran players to further understand the game and to know what it has to offer.


Genshin Impact New Player Help


Elemental Combat System Chart created by /sunmilk/.

Watch your Stamina!

In Genshin Impact, there is a Stamina bar that is mainly required to execute pretty much any combat move such as attacking, activating talents, evading, sprinting, jumping, as well as swimming, gliding, and climbing. The stamina bar can be seen on the right side of your character which is in the middle of the screen, it's quite easy to manage your stamina when you're in battle since you can just take a breather and wait for your stamina to replenish before you hop back in the battle. What you want to watch out for is when you are climbing and swimming, these actions deplete your stamina, and trust me, you don't want to exploit the mechanic of swimming and climbing, especially when you've used up all of your stamina. You can drown while you are swimming and fall off a wall that you are climbing once your stamina bar is empty. So make sure to analyze the area first and check if its safe for you to swim that far or to climb a wall, a tree, or a hill that high.

Use Sense Mode

Genshin Impact features a vast open-world that can be overwhelming for new players of the game. One important tip is to use Sense Mode when you are exploring Teyvat. You can find the icon on the upper left corner on the right side of the mini-map. Activating sense mode allows you to see the paths that the spirits have taken. With sense mode, you can find secrets, clues, as well as hazardous objects such as flammable barrels - the path of the spirits are marked blue, while quests are marked yellow.

Duplicate Characters & Equipment

When it comes to acquiring equipment and characters, exploration, looting, and story/quest progression isn't the only way to obtain these, but using Wishes or Gacha Pulls is the primary way for you to unlock stronger Playable Characters, Materials, Weapons, Artifacts, and more. In the event that you acquire a duplicate character or item, have the duplicate item consumed so that you can strengthen the level of the item or property. So for example, if you get a duplicate character, you can merge it with the same primary character to rank up their Constellation - unlocking new constellation upgrades and modifies the character's Talents.

Always check your Inbox!

Sometimes, you just forget to check the messages you have in your inbox. And you might wanna always check it out when there's a red dot indicated next to the mailbox icon. Toggle to the left-hand side of the menu and click on the mailbox, you'll be pleased to find rewards given by the game's developer and publisher, miHoYo.

Cook, Cook, Cook!

As you explore Teyvat, you'll meet various NPCs, encounter hostile characters, you'll collect a lot of items, and discover secrets. One of the materials you'll find in the game is Food and Ingredients. There are various ingredients and food that you can find which you can just eat without cooking such as fruits like an Apple or Sunsettia. Consuming these will grant effects such as restoring HP to a single character. However, when you find campsites or in towns where you can cook, you can whip up a dish that can provide stronger buffs and effects that can sometimes be consumed by a single character but are mostly applied to the active party. The cooking system is pretty simple, you simply choose a recipe from the menu and then just hit the sweet spot on the cooking bar to get that "Perfect" quality. The higher the quality of food, the more benefits it holds.


There are a number of things to level in Genshin, this includes Adventure Level which will determine some quests or dungeon trials you can do, Character Levels which will increase base stats, Combat Talents which will enhance a particular talents, Statue leveling which unlocks a number of rewards including increasing Stamina, and even Weapon leveling.

Playable Characters also don’t level as a party, you will gain items such as Wanderer’s Advice which are rewarded for completing quests or finding chests, items as such grant character experience to level the character of your choice, but apart from that, you'll also need to spend a certain amount of Mora which is the common currency of the game.


Have you reached the max level of your character or a weapon? Well, it doesn't stop there, you can keep leveling up your character to a (current) max character Lv. 90. What you need to do is to ascend your playable character or equipment to its next phase. Take note that you can only ascend a character or equipment once you reach the max level of the current phase. It will also not be that easy since you will need to farm and find certain items required for ascending - you can ascend your character or weapon up to 6 times.

  • Base - Max Lv. 20
  • Ascension Phase 1 - Max Lv. 40
  • Ascension Phase 2 - Max Lv. 50
  • Ascension Phase 3 - Max Lv. 60
  • Ascension Phase 4 - Max Lv. 70
  • Ascension Phase 5 - Max Lv. 80
  • Ascension Phase 6 - Max Lv. 90

Apart from increasing the stats and obtaining new bonuses from ascending, you can also unlock other features, such as unlocking the first Passive Talent of a character if you ascend to phase 1 and many more.

Adventure Rewards

This is pretty easy to miss and sometimes you may forget, but when you are in Mondstadt, make it a habit to speak to Katheryne who is the receptionist of the Adventurer's Guild. You can claim your rewards depending on the level of your Adventure Rank.

Elemental Combos

There are 7 elements in the game and each Playable Character harnesses a unique element. These elements are:

  • Anemo (Wind)
  • Geo (Earth)
  • Electro (Lightning)
  • Dendro (Nature)
  • Hydro (Water)
  • Pyro (Fire)
  • Cryo (Frost)

You can refer to the image above that is created by /sunmilk/ which indicates the effects of combining elemental attacks. So for example, if you have a character use an ability that focuses on Anemo, you can quickly switch to a character such as Amber who has the vision of Pyro. This creates a whirlwind of flames around the enemy. Another example is combining Hydro with Electro, enemies that are "Wet" takes even more damage if you follow up with an Electro based attack - so always experiment to see the various elemental combos that you can execute.

Party Passive Bonuses

Once you reach Mondstadt, you'll be able to use your first Wish, and if you're lucky, apart from Amber being your first free party member, you might get 2 or 3 new playable characters that you can add to your active party. In Genshin Impact, you can select 4 playable characters to your team which you can then freely use and switch at all times during exploration and battle. Whenever you form a team, make sure to go to the Party Setup menu and check Elemental Resonance. You will find details on Party Passive Bonuses you can acquire depending on the members you've added to the party.

  • Protective Canopy
    • Have 4 different Elements active in your party.
    • All Elemental RES +15%
  • Impetuous Winds
    • x2 Anemo elemental characters must be in the party.
    • Decreases Stamina Consumption by 15%. Increases Movement SPD by 10%. Shortens Skill CD by 5%.
  • Fervent Flames
    • x2 Pyro elemental characters must be in the party
    • Affected by Cryo for 40% less time. Increases ATK by 25%.
  • Soothing Water
    • x2 Hydro elemental characters must be in your party.
    • Affected by Pyro for 40% less time. Increases incoming healing by 30%
  • High Voltage
    • x2 Electro elemental characters must be in your party.
    • Affected by Hydro for 40% less time. Superconduct, Overloaded, and Electro-Charged have a 100% chance to generate an Electro Elemental Particle (CD: 5s)
  • Shattering Ice
    • x2 Cryo elemental characters must be in your party.
    • Affected by Electro for 40% less time. Increases CRIT Rate against enemies that are Frozen or affected by Cryo by 15%.
  • Enduring Rock
    • x2 Geo elemental characters must be in your party.
    • Increases resistance to interruption. When protected by a shield, increases Attack DMG by 15%.

Find Statues of the Seven

When you start to explore the open-world, you will find statues that are beaming with a red light that shoots up to the sky, these are the Statues of the Seven. However, it isn't that easy to find these statues since these usually come with a challenge you'll need to pass in order to reach it, challenges such as hiking, platforming, and defeating a boss. Once you have found and unlocked the statue, you can use it to fast travel and to obtain rewards by offering Anemoculus which is an elemental material that corresponds to the statue. You'll find various rewards here such as Adventure EXP, an increase of Stamina, Primogems, and many more.

Seek out the Seelies

Apart from using Sense, there are environmental guides in the game which are called Seelies. These are blue wisps that are scattered and sometimes hidden around the open-world.  Following the Seeleies will lead you to chests containing valuable loot.

Activate Teleport Waypoints

Yes, it can sometimes be tiring to just run around the vast land of Teyvat, but luckily, there are Teleport Waypoints scattered around the world. This allows you to fast travel anywhere around the map, as long as you've discovered and activated it. Teleport Waypoints that are activated are marked blue on the map, while undiscovered ones are blank. Not only will you be able to use these waypoints for fast travel, but activating it for the first time will reward you with items such as Primogems.


If you have unused characters in your party, you can send them out to an expedition to collect materials and earn rewards. Speak to Katheryne who is the receptionist of the Adventurer's Guild to start an expedition. She can be found at Mondstadt. When this feature is available, choose the duration of the expedition, the longer it is, the better the rewards, and then deploy the selected character. Take note that while a character is deployed, you cannot add them to your active party - take note that some Playable Characters have passive bonuses when they are deployed, characters such as Bennet has a passive bonus that reduces the time consumed by 25% of the expedition once he is deployed within Mondstadt.

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