Multiplayer for Genshin Impact features guides and information for the Co-Op mechanic of the game. You can find details on how to team up with your friends or other players, as well as other information that's related to the Multiplayer system of the game.


Genshin Impact Multiplayer

Is there Multipayer?

Yes, Genshin Impact does have a multiplayer mode that allows players to invite up to a max of three other friends to create a party of four players in total.

Unlocking Multiplayer

As exciting as it sounds to team up with your friends, players will need to achieve Adventure Rank 16 in order to unlock the multiplayer feature. The reason behind this is for players to be able to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the game and to better understand each aspect. Remember, Character Level is different from your Adventurer Rank. To view your current rank, open Paimon's menu and you'll see your current rank below your name and signature.

Increasing your Adv. Rank

Luckily, there are multiple ways to gain exp for your Adventurer Rank, but we cannot stress how important it is to simply explore the vast land of Teyvat. Regardless, here are various ways on how to increase your Adventure Rank:

  • Complete the Main Story Quests during the prologue. These main story quests are categorized as Archon Quests in-game. It revolves around the story of the Travelers and it also includes visiting Mondstat, exploring the area, meeting Playable Characters, clearing out temples, and other minor quests.
  • In Mondstat, make sure to visit Katheryne who is the receptionist of the Adventurer's Guild booth. You can find the booth near the entrance of the town. She will provide you later on with the Adventurer's Handbook that includes various challenges you can complete and in reward, provides you with Adventure EXP and more.
  • Upon completing most of the Archon Quests and completing the list of challenges in the Adventurer's Handbook. It's simply time to explore Teyvat. Look for unexplored areas, unlock fast-travel waypoints, open chests, interact with the Statues of the Seven, and complete the dungeons.
  • Another way to obtain Adventure EXP is to complete daily missions that become available upon reaching Adventure Rank 12.

Multiplayer Host Features

Now, as you may know, there are limitations when it comes to multiplayer. All players will be able to fight the enemies of the host's world, but here are a few things that will help you understand what can be done in multiplayer, especially if you are the host:

  • NPCs can only be interacted with by the host.
  • Treasure Chests can only be opened by the host.
  • All players in the party can complete the random daily quests.
  • Story mission progression can only be accessed by the host or in single-player.
  • All players will have access to the host's world, including all unlocked warp points.
  • All players can replay dungeons and complete challenges at higher levels that are available.

Invite your Friends

Great! You've reached Adventure Rank 16 which means you've unlocked the multiplayer feature that will now allow you to invite three more of your friends to join your party. Now, the game allows you to add up to 45 friends to your list. First, ask for their UID Number which is the nine numeric digit code that can be found in Paimon's Menu under the character's portrait. Now head to the Friends Menu and add their UID number to add them.


Genshin Impact is available across various platforms such as PC, PS4, iOS, and Android. And luckily, you can add and play with your friends at any platform you guys are playing the game on. Now, how it works will depend on the number of players in your squad. If for example, there's just two of you in the party, each one of you will be able to swap between another character of your choice, but if you are a full team, each player gets to control their selected character. As amazing as this sounds, there are a couple of limitations when it comes to multiplayer:

  • You can only invite three friends at a time to form a party.
  • You won't be able to progress the Main Campaign in Multiplayer mode.
  • The guests or your friends that join your room will not be able to open chests, make offerings at the Statues of the Seven, and collect key items while they are playing in your world. So make sure you are sharing your rewards by rotating host duties amongst the members of your squad.

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