New Game Plus for Genshin Impact contains information regarding the following assets that can be brought into playing another playthrough after finishing the game for the first time. Players will see some differences with the initial playthrough, and get to carry over certain progress. As of now, there's still no news whether New Game + will be added for Genshin Impact. The page will be updated accordingly once information has been out.


New Game Plus for Genshin Impact

Will New Game + be Included?

Genshin Impact is still an ongoing game, and much of its content remains to be finished. The developers are anticipating that it will take several years for the game's story to be fully completed.

The community has been asking if a New Game + will be featured in the game since most players seek to re-experience the main story and side quests and maybe even change the voice language to get a fresh experience of the game while carrying over certain gears and skills.

As of this writing, there has been no news whether a New Game + mode will be added for Genshin Impact. Since this game is almost like an MMO type of ARPG, there have been speculations that they won't be adding a New Game + mode anytime soon. But the developers have been updating the game recently giving players events, story chapters, new characters, and such.

There would still be plenty of content to be added in the future as the game is still being updated frequently.

How to Unlock New Game +

  • Information to be added once it is available.

What changes in New Game +

  • Information to be added once it is available.


What carries over to NG +

  • Information to be added once it is available.

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