Game Progress Route for Genshin Impact presents a recommended progression path for the main campaign of the game, it aims to provide important points of the game to avoid any missing important aspects such as relevant Locations, NPCs, Items, as well as involved boss encounters. For guides on quests, click here, if you want to check a detailed guide for each location, you may visit our page.


Genshin Impact Game Progress Route



Act 1 begins with your chosen Traveler waking up in Teyvat. This is where players meet their companion for the whole game, Paimon, and begin their tutorial phase. As you follow Paimon, you will come across one of the Statues of the Seven and receive the power of Anemo which then prompts Paimon to tell you to head to Mondstadt. On the way, the Traveler spots a mysterious dragon flying above headed to the forest. After defeating enemies on the way, the traveler spots the mysterious dragon and a stranger in the forest. But the dragon and the stranger eventually flee after the traveler’s powers from the statue of Anemo alerts them. Leaving behind a crimson crystal. After leaving the forest, you are halted by Amber, the Outrider Knight of Favonius. Amber offers to escort you but first needs to clear out a Hillchuri camp. The Traveler is given a Wind Glider by Amber, showing how impressed she is by the Traveler’s actions. After testing out the Wind Glider, the Dragon reappears causing destruction to the City of Mondstadt. The dragon is called “Stormterror” by the locals. After fending off Stormterror, your actions were noticed by the cavalry captain, Kaeya. Who then asks the Traveler to meet the Grand Master, Jean at the headquarters. Jean then asks you to stay for a while in Mondstadt and to help locate the source of stormterror’s power which is located at the abandoned Four Winds’ Temples. After dealing with the temples, this completes Act 1: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind.

After the Temples, you head back to Mondstadt to report to Jean. Anastasia, a Fatui Diplomat is seen by the Traveler talking to Jean and suggests eliminating Stormterror, which then angers Jean and dismisses Anastasia. The Traveler remembers the crimson crystal found after the first time encountering the dragon and lets Jean know about it. They make their way back to the headquarters and discuss it with Lisa. Lisa then decides to look into it in the restricted section of the library and also suggests leaving it in the hands of the Traveler for now since it shows no harmful effect on the Traveler. Jean then asks you to help them with another task and grants you the title of Honorary Knight of Favonius. When you make your way out of the Headquarters, Paimon questions why didn’t the Traveler mention the stranger in the forest earlier. Paimon then recognizes the same stranger running around the City of Mondstadt. You then run after the stranger and once you catch up, the stranger is near the fountain playing the Iyre instrument. The stranger recognizes the Traveler and introduces himself as Venti explaining as well that Stormterror is named Dvalin. You show Venti the crimson crystal but realize that it has been purified. Venti asks the Traveler to meet at the Great tree in Windrise. After arriving at the great tree to meet Venti, an Eye of the Storm appears and you are forced to take it down. Venti tells the Traveler that Dvalin is being led astray and taken advantage of by the lies of the Abyss Order. Venti was trying to cure Dvalin when the Traveler’s presence in the forest disrupted it. Venti then asks you to meet him at the cathedral to claim a certain Holy Lyre Der Himmel. At the Cathedral, Venti and the Traveler fail to acquire the lyre from Gotelinde. At night time, you sneak into the Cathedral to take the lyre, but as you were about to take the lyre, a Fatui Electro Cicin Mage steals the lyre and vanishes when a guard spots the Traveler. As you exit the Cathedral, Paimon yells at Venti outside that they’ve been busted. Venti leads the Traveler to an establishment and is met by Diluc. Diluc then misdirects the knights upon beings asked about the whereabouts of the Traveler. When everything is clear, Diluc listens to Vetni’s explanation. The next night, the Traveler is met by Diluc, Venti, and Jean to head for the Fatui Hideout. After managing to acquire the lyre and defeating the enemies along the way, you head back to the tavern and are informed by Venti that the lyre is damaged. After fixing the lyre, they head to the starsnatch cliff to summon Dvalin and cure the dragon. As they were about to purify Dvalin, an Abyss Mage appears and convinces Dvalin that the knights were there to have him slain. Dvalin and the Abyss Mage fly away and the Lyre is damaged and beyond repair.

The Traveler heads to the Dawn Winery where he is met by the group. Diluc then informs the group that they’ve managed to track down the Abyss Mage in the Vicinity of the Winery. After the Abyss Mage is defeated, Venti noticed energy was dispersed from the body of the Abyss Mage which was being used to cut the connection between him and Dvalin. Venti discusses that Dvalin’s lair is in the ancient ruins. The ruins is sealed by a special barrier which now, Venti can dispel. Diluc and Jean take initiative to take down Dvalin if there is a need to but Venti informed the group that they can still purify Dvalin with the Traveler. After arriving at stormterror’s lair, Venti prepares to dispel the barrier but the group is ambushed by three Hilichurls. After Defeating the Hilichurls, the barrier is dispelled and the group explores the lair. After exploring, Venti explains that they cannot go any further due to it being guarded by ancient seals. Diluc points out this appears to be a light actuator, and if you are able to retrieve and reintegrate all the parts, you should be able to get it working. After activating it, you can now explore safely. Jean asks if the Traveler is ready and is confident that everyone can do this. After beating Dvalin and breaking the Crystal’s on the dragon’s back, Dvalin regains consciousness and saves everyone from the fall and proceeds to fly away from the lair. Back in the city, Jean writes a report on how Dvalin’s threat has been put to an end and that the people are safe. A day later, Amber greets you and says she will be treating you to Sticky Honey Roast and to meet her at Good Hunter after she cleans up the area. After arriving at the Tavern, you are met by Kaeya who explains that while the city was being attacked he remained in the city and intercepted a few Abyss Order infiltrators, and managed to get intel that the Abyss Order is united by a single leader, and they call him/her “The Prince/The Princess” (Depends on which twin you’re using). After Kaeya spots Amber arriving, he walks away. After Amber treats you, she mentions that Jean is waiting for you at the Cathedral and it’s about the Holy Lyre der Himmel. Upon entering the cathedral you hand over the lyre to Barbara upon seeing Jean and Venti. Venti repaired the lyre temporarily and stated that it was not going to hold permanently. After exiting the Cathedral with Venti, you were both ambushed by Fatui agents. La Signora makes her appearance. Venti provokes Signora and she takes the Gnosis of Venti. After a while, she orders the Fatui agents to flee and one of the Fatui agents knock you out. After some time, the Traveler wakes up and sees Barbara. She mentions that she healed you and Venti woke up first but her healing had no effect on Venti. You head to Venti at Windrise and Venti mentions that Signora and the Harbingers have been given god-like powers by the Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya. Venti then suggests that the Traveler should head for Mondstadt’s neighboring nation of Liyue to speak with the Geo Archon.



After you reach Liyue Harbor, you start by talking to three locals. Now head for the Yujing Terrace. Once you reach the Terrace, you need to approach and interact to pray and make a wish. After the cutscene and being a possible suspect, you must escape with Paimon and reach the yellow icon. Jumping and gliding across rooftops should make it easier for you to avoid the guards. After reaching the yellow icon, a cutscene will occur showing one of the guards spotting you. A Fatui named Childe will take down the guards and you will have to meet him at the Northland Bank where he will assign you a quest to meet the adepti in Jueyun Karst. He will also be giving you a Sigil of Permission. Once you fast travel to a waypoint going to the yellow icon, you will meet Moon Carver the Adepti. Your conversation will hold as you need to defeat 20 Millelith Guards. Moon Carver will tell you to go to Wangshu Inn to look for Yaksha. The next 3 objectives namely Wangshu, Moulder of Mountains, and Custodian of clouds can be completed in any order. After completing these three, you can begin with the last objective Dust to Dust. Do take note that the Wangshu quest will have you battle a boss called the Ruin Hunter. After completing the quests by Moon Carver, head back to Northland Bank and update Childe. Upon completion of Act 1: Of the Land Amidst Monoliths, you will be rewarded with Sigil of permission x1, Mystic Enhancement Ore x19, 2500 Adventure EXP, Adventurer's Experience x30, Primogem x30 and 76275 Mora.

After arriving at Northland Bank, the staff will tell you where you need to find Childe. After arriving, Childe will introduce Zhongli, who then hands you a bag of Mora to buy an item called “Noctilucous Jade”. After taking three samples of different Noctilucous Jade, head over to Dadaupa Gorge and cook the Jade in the big cooking pot. The third Jade will shine the brightest while cooking, then you should head back to Shitou to choose the third Nocticulous Jade. Now head to Yujing Terrace where you need to interact with a light on the ground to place the Noctilucous Jade. Head to Bolai and you will receive three Silk flowers, then head to Lan, Qiming, and Ying’er for perfume-making advice. Ying’er will then teach you the steps and you will have to craft items on a nearby crafting bench to make the perfume. After crafting the items, bring them to Ying’er to help her make the perfume. Teleport to Zhongli near a statue after you receive the perfumes. After heading back to Liyue Harbor, speak with Madame Ping and take the Cleansing Bell from the teapot, then head back to Yujing Terrace with the Cleansing Bell. Zhongli will then assign you to purchase kites from Granny Shan. After getting the kites and Bartering with three workers, head to Childe, and Zhongli will assign you to get Everlasting Incense from Bubu Pharmacy where you will meet Qiqi. After you interact with Qiqi, go to Mt. Tianheng and find the Guizhong Ballista, then retrieve the Everlasting Incense from Qiqi. Head back to Zhongli with the Everlasting Incense and he will invite you to a mean which will then trigger a cutscene. Upon completion of Act 2: Farewell, Archaic Lord, you will be rewarded with Adventure EXP x4075, 30 Primogem, 124575 Mora, Mystic Enhancement Ore x30, Adventurer's Experience x29, Memory of Immovable Crystals x1, Hero's Wit x4, and a Bag of Mora x1

After eating with Zhongli, head over to Mt. Tianheng and go to the floating palace, the Jade Chamber. Once you arrive and glide down to the Guizhong Balista, you need to defeat three waves of Millelith Soldiers to advance. After defeating the soldiers, you will meet Keqing, then Paimon will suggest you gather ingredients for Sugar-Frosted Slime which is a perfect gift for Ningguang once you visit. Head back to Liyue Harbor and find the guide and it will trigger a cutscene where you arrive at the Jade Chamber and Ningguang welcomes you. Ningguang will then tell you that she invited you to clear up some misunderstandings, then pick up a piece of “paper snow” from her board and interact. Head over to the location indicated in the “paper snow” where you will see the Fatui guarding the research area. You may skip the fight by just heading toward the box. After you interact and examine the Fatui Research, you should now head over to Zhongli at Dihua Marsh. Zhongli will then go with you to search for Wild Glaze and you will have to defeat the Whopperflowers that you sang to. Ganyu will then show up and will give you a Wild Glaze Lily.  Head back to Liyue Harbor at the City gate and you will encounter Millileth and the Fatui. Head over to the Golden House to examine the Exuvia, you will then encounter Childe who will challenge you to a battle. After defeating Childe in three phases, he will awaken the Overlord of the Vortex, Osial, and escape. Once you head outside, you will witness the Overlord of Vortex causing chaos. Ningguang, Keqing, as well as Xiao, and the other adepti joins you and use the upgraded Guizhong Ballista to fight off the Overlord of Vortex. While shooting the Overlord of Vortex, the Fatui show up. After defeating the Fatui and Oxial, the adepti and Qixing will begin to discuss matters concerning their negotiations. Head back to Northland bank and talk with Zhongli. You will then see Zhongli, Childe, and La Signora discussing matters and that Zhongli is actually the Lord of Geo. After hearing the revelations, you leave Northland Bank and head to Yujing Terrace. After hearing what the Locals were talking about, proceed to the Rite of Parting where Ningguang, Keqing, and Ganyu repay you for the help. Lastly, head over to Zhongli and interact with him. Upon completion of Act 3: A New Star Approaches, you will be rewarded with Adventure EXP x5825, 120 Primogem, 196525 Mora,Mystic Enhancement Ore x36, Hero’s Wit x20, Monolith Fragment x1, Memory of Immovable Crystals x1

To start the act, you must be at Liyue Harbor. Once you’re there, speak with Branch Master Lan and Ganyu. They will inform you about two big-time treasure hoarders planning a big heist. Head over to the Ruin entrance and defeat the Hilichurls to open the door and advance. Once you reach the end of the hall, glide down and you will discover a room with a deceased thief beside what looks like a hanging Statue of the Seven. Before you can leave, the ruins will start to shake. Once you reach a door that opens when you go near it, you will encounter the Abyss Herald. After dealing a short amount of damage, the Abyss Herald will leave the ruins stating that “You’re the one”. Once outside the ruins, you will encounter Dainsleif outside briefly. Head over to a certain waypoint to find Dainsleif again, where you will find enemies that you have to defeat first. After defeating the enemies, one of the Abyss Mages will drop a Talisman which is connected to the Abyss Herald. You will now head back to the Cathedral back in Mondstadt to speak with Barbara. After a brief conversation with Barbara, you will encounter Rosaria. Then head back to Dainsleif and report what you learned from Barbara and Rosaria. Now, head over to Wolvendom where you’ll encounter Jean once again and defeat all the enemies. You will then see Razor, Boreas, and the Abyss Herald. After the Abyss Herald leaves the scene due to your arrival, Razor will thank you for making it in time. After getting information, head back to Dainsleif and he will assign you to go to stormterror’s lair, and there you will find a Ruin Guard. Head back to the ruins once again, and Dainsleif will sense that the Abyss Herald is there. After defeating the Abyss Herald, a cutscene will occur where your twin sibling will show up to attack Dainsleif. The Abyss Herald and your Twin Sibling leaves the scene with the portal, Dainsleif follows them leaving you in the ruins with Paimon questioning what had just happened. Upon completion of Act 4: We Will Be Reunited, you will be rewarded with Adventure EXP x2750, 60 Primogem, Mora x131475, Mystic Enhancement Ore x25, Hero's Wit x13, Guide to Freedom x2, Guide to Resistance x2, and Guide to Ballad x2



After collecting your thoughts with Paimon, head over to Liyue Harbor and find Atsuko and ask about Inazuma. Head over to the Alcor and you will encounter the Crux Fleet with Beidou and Kaedehara Kazuha, who then will mention the Crux Clash with the prize of either the Masterless Vision or a ticket to Inazuma. Find Zhuhan, who is in charge of registration and she will escort you to the Arena. After beating opponents until the semi-finals, go with Kazuha to demonstrate your skills against slimes. After defeating the slimes, go back to the arena with Kazuha. Beidou mentions that your opponent hasn’t arrived yet and that the Masterless Vision has also been stolen. Head over and defeat the treasure hoarders who stole the Vision. Once you defeat the enemies, you will encounter Fei, your supposed final opponent in the arena. After defeating him, retrieve the Vision with Kazuha. Upon returning to the arena, Zhuhan mentions that Beidou has been summoned by Ningguang at Liyue Harbor. Upon completion of Prologue: Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves, you will be rewarded with Adventure EXP x2150, 60 Primogem, Mora x 103625, Mystic Enhancement Ore x18, Hero’s Wit x9, The Crux Clash Champion Medal x1, Guide to Prosperity x2, Guide to Diligence x2, Guide to Gold x2

Head over to Liyue Harbor and talk to Katheryne. Once done, a sailor will greet you and let you know that Beidou sent him to get you. Board the Alcor and speak with Beidou and you will set sail. Upon arriving at Inazuma, Beidou introduces you to Thoma, who will be your point of contact in Inazuma. Head over to the Border checkpoint with Thoma to register, then head over to the Outlander Affairs Agency to process your application. After your application, head on over and talk to the President of the International Trade Association, Kurisu. Afterward, look for a merchant named Werner for Crystal Marrow, then ask Thoma for help regarding the situation. Head back to Merchant Werner and assigns you to find Keijirou and his companions. After following Keijirou, dig up what he buried and let Kurisu know. After the commotion, talk to Thoma, who will then reveal that he belongs to the Kamisato Clan of the Yashiro Commission. He will then give you an invitation to Narukami Island and you’ll need to find him at Komore Teahouse. Once you try to leave Ritou, you will need to talk to the Kanjou Commisioner himself. He will then ask you to lend assistance to the Kanjou Commission. After leaving the office, an officer will leave a letter from Ms. Hiiragi stating that you should meet her tonight. After she assigns you a task to escort goods to a destination, she will be granting you a special travel permit from Tenryou Commission before you leave Ritou. Upon arrival at Komore Teahouse, present your invitation to Kamaji then speak with Thoma. Head over to the Statue of the Omnipresent God and you’ll see visions that were collected from the vision Hunt Decree. After interacting with the statue, head over to the Kamisato Residences where you will encounter Kamisato Ayaka, who will then ask you to fulfill three small wishes on her behalf. Head over to Konda Village and talk to Mahiru and Kenjirou. After speaking with the elderly, interact with Tejima. After locating Tejima’s diary and reading it, locate a nearby shrime and use your elemental sight. Head on back to Tejima, after he recognizes it, he will mention that he has no memory of anything that’s written on the diary. Locate the next person who lost their vision, as per Kamisato Ayaka, the person is a samurai named Kurosowa. After interacting with Kurosowa, head ober to the Treasure Hoarders and defeat them to continue. After defeating them, head on over to the general goods shop and interact with Aoi and show her the IOU’s, then immediately go back and speak with Kurosowa. Head to the dojo around the area, and you will encounter Junya and Nanako. Come back and talk to Junya during nighttime between 18:00 – 24:00. After returning, follow the suspicious person and then return to the dojo to see how the exorcism went. Head to the Grand Narukami Shrine and witness what Lady Yae and the Meikyou Shisui Art Disciples do. Lady Yae mentions that you just arrived at the right time and that she has high hopes for you. Head back to Kamisato Ayaka and talk to her. Thoma and Ayaka take you back to Komore Teahouse to discuss matters. After Ayaka assigns you tasks, head on over to Naganohora Fireworks, and you will stumble across Yoimiya. Now go to the Police Station and use the Secret Passage Way. After defeating all the enemies and breaking out Masakatsu, leave the Police station and head back to Komore teahouse and let Ayaka and Thoma know what happened. Upon completion of Act 1: The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia, you will be rewarded with Adventure EXP x6325, 120 Primogem, Mora x263850, Mystic Enhancement Ore x56, and Hero’s Wit x31

Head over to Komore Teahouse and Ayaka will mention that Thoma has been taken by the Tenryou Commission. Head over to the Vision hunt ceremony and get ready to fight the Raiden Shogun. After your defeat, Thoma catches you and leaves the scene. Head over to Tatarasuna to gather some intel. Eavesdrop on the two Shogunate Samurai and do the same for the two Inazuma locals. Head over to the waypoint and defeat the two Yoriki Samurais surrounding the resistance fighter. Interact with Teppei, and head to the resistance camp to speak with Gorou. After the conversation, help the wounded soldier by giving him a Onikabuto or a Wolfhook. Head over to the archery range and demonstrate your archery techniques. Defeat the Shogunate army squad attempting a sneak attack to continue on. Help repair the wall defenses by picking up the plank and rope. After learning that Kujou Sara is now leading the enemy forces, head to to the location of Gorou which is on the Frontlines. After defeating the three enemies that stood against you, a cutscene will trigger of an all out battle between the Shogunate Army and the Resistance. After the cutscene, you will encounter Sangonomiya Kokomi. Upon completion of Act 2: Stillness, The Sublimation of Shadow, you will be rewarded with Adventure EXP x2050, 60 Primogem, Mora x97900,  Mystic Enhancement Ore x18, Hero's Wit x9, Inazuma Shrine of Depths Key x1, and Memory of Violet Flash x1

Head over to Fort Fujitou and speak with Teppei. After arriving at Watatsumi Island, head to the resistance camp and speak with Sangonomiya Kokomi. Head over to where Swordfish ll are stationed and defeat the nearby enemies and their camps. Head back and talk to Kokomi. Head to the ruins and activate the three monuments. Defeat the Thunderhelm Lawachurl that spawns after activation and head back and speak with Kokomi who’s with Gorou. Speak with Teppei, but upon arrival you notice that he has aged significantly. After you talk with Kokomi and Gorou, head over to the Delusion factory and collect three amulets to enter and find the person in charge. Upon speaking with Scaramouche, and before collapsing, you spot Yae Miko walking in. After waking up, head over to the training area and speak with Yae Miko for your Anti-Raiden Shogun training. Interact with the mechanism to start the training. After the first phase, talk to Yae Miko to start the second phase of your training. Head back to the Grand Narukami Shrine and speak with Yae Miko who will prevent Kujou from arresting you. Head for Chinju Forest and you will encounter Sayu. Head back to Komore teahouse and speak with Thoma and Ayaka, then go to Yoimiya to ask for assistance with the fireworks. Head back to Sayu’s location between 00:00 and 5:00 and talk. Set off the fireworks and flee the scene using your Wind Glider to go to Komore Teahouse and speak with Ayaka. Head over to the Grand Narukami Shrine to deliver the evidence. Follow Kujou Sara to the Tenryou Commission Headquarters and defeat all the enemies. After defeating the enemies, Kujou Sara confronts Kujou Takayuki about the evidence. Head over to Tenshukaku with Kujou Sara and speak with Signora, which will prompt you to battle her. After defeating Signora, the Raiden Shogun will appear. While walking, you will feel dizzy, then the Shogun will be behind you. This will prompt you to battle the Electro Archon herself. After defeating the Shogun, visit Yae Miko and speak with her at the Grand Narukami Shrine. Upon completion of Act 3: Omnipresence Over Mortals, you will be rewarded with Adventure EXP x4400, 120 Primogem, Mora x247375, Mystic Enhancement Ore x51, Hero's Wit x25, Funerary Mask x1, Memory of Violet Flash x1, and Grand Narukami Shrine Omamori x1

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