Crafting in Genshin Impact is a game mechanic used to create or forge various items such as consumable items, weapons, and artifacts. On this page, you'll find tips on how the crafting mechanic works, as well as information on the crafting recipes and materials needed to forge certain items and equipment.


Genshin Impact Crafting



Forge Queues

As players increase their Adventure Rank they will automatically unlock additional Forge Queues which allow you to craft multiple items at the same time.

There are a total of 4 Forge Queues.

  • The first is unlock when you start the game
  • The second is unlocked at Adventure Rank 5
  • The third is unlocked at Adventure Rank 10
  • The fourth is unlocked at Adventure Rank 15


Forging Material






Crystal Chunk An uncut crystal. Only professional craftsmanship can bring out its true value. Found in the wild Mystic Enhancement Ore
Iron Chunk This iron chunk can be turned into a multitude of handy items in the hands of a skilled craftsman. Found in the wild Enhancement Ore
Magical Crystal Chunk These crystal chunks can be refined into Weapon EXP materials by using Original Resin. Crystals from mines that were eroded by the energy of the Ley Lines cannot be processed by ordinary means. Found in the wild  
White Iron Chunk
Skilled hands can make this into something brilliant.
Inside mines and near mountainous terrain. Fine Enhancement Ore


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