Status Effects in Genshin Impact are the different buffs and debuffs in the game. Both the player's character and hostile characters can inflict or acquire buffs, effects, and negative status effects. On this page, you'll find a list of all these status effects and relevant information such as how to obtain buffs, applying debuffs, and how to remove or heal you and your team from negative status effects.


Genshin Impact Status Effects

elemental combat system chart genshin impact wiki guide small

Elemental Combat System Chart created by /sunmilk/.

Elemental Combos

There are 7 elements in the game and each Playable Character harnesses a unique element. These elements are:

  • Anemo (Wind)
  • Geo (Earth)
  • Electro (Lightning)
  • Dendro (Nature)
  • Hydro (Water)
  • Pyro (Fire)
  • Cryo (Frost)

You can refer to the image above that is created by /sunmilk/ which indicates the effects of combining elemental attacks. So for example, if you have a character use an ability that focuses on Anemo, you can quickly switch to a character such as Amber who has the vision of Pyro. This creates a whirlwind of flames around the enemy. Another example is combining Hydro with Electro, enemies that are "Wet" takes even more damage if you follow up with an Electro based attack - so always experiment to see the various elemental combos that you can execute.

Negative Status Effects

Here is a list of negative status effects that are applied to Enemies and to the players. First off, Enemies:

  • Hydro - Gives an enemy the 'Wet' status.
  • Cryo - Slows the enemy's movement speed.
  • Pyro - Burns an enemy, causing them to lose health over time until the status runs out.
  • Geo - This will cause enemies to deal less elemental damage. Enemies will also drop a shield the player can use to protect themselves. The shield will be more effective against the enemy's elemental type but will disappear when its health has been reduced to 0.
  • Electro - When standing in a body of water, an enemy will cause lightning to chain between multiple enemies.

And for the Players, here is a list of the effects that can be obtained:

  • Hydro, Slowing Water - Increases the cooldown timers on your talents.
  • Electro, Devouring lightning - Weakens the Elemental Burst talent energy usage.
  • Cryo, Condensing Ice - Your character consumes more Stamina dodging and running.
  • Pyro, Smoldering Flames - Burns the player, causing you to lose HP over time until the effect is worn off.

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