Stats in Genshin Impact features the various attributes of the playable character. On this page, you can find all the information related to Attributes, Stats, Status Ailments, Character Stats, and many more.


Genshin Impact Stats & Attributes


Health determines the amount of damage the player's character/s can withstand before being knocked out. Health can be recovered by using Consumables, triggering a Talent that can replenish HP, or by interacting with a Statue of The Seven.


Attack or ATK as shown in-game calculates the amount of damage the player's character/s can inflict against hostile characters or enemies. All forms of damage calculation except specific Elemental Reactions scales linearly with ATK.


Defense or DEF as indicated in-game determines how much damage is reduced from incoming hostile enemy attacks. The better your defense, the less damage you take from attacks. Defense can be increased by raising your character level, or equipping Artifacts or Weapons that provide defense or defense % increase, as well as consuming certain Food. On the other hand, other characters like Noelle can trigger certain Talents that can temporarily boost the team's DEF.

Elemental Mastery

Elemental Mastery distinguishes how powerful Elemental Reactions are triggered by the various Playable Characters. The following Elemental Reactions are Vaporize, Melt, Overloaded, Superconduct, Electro-Charged, Shattered, Swirl, and Crystallize. The attribute can be increased by equipping Artifacts or Weapons that provide a bonus to Elemental Mastery or by triggering certain Talents, unlocking Constellations, or by simply consuming some Food.


Stamina is a measure of how much physical exertion your character can expend before needing to rest. Stamina is consumed by executing the following actions: performing heavy attacks, dodging, sprinting, climbing, and gliding. Stamina gradually replenishes when the player's character stops for a short period of time. Stamina can be temporarily boosted by consuming certain Food or by having certain characters in your active party that decreases the consumption of Stamina for certain actions with the use of the character's passive talent.

Critical Rate

Critical Rate or CRIT Rate that is featured in the game (which is presented in %) indicates how likely it is that an attack will hit critically and deal bonus critical damage. Crit Rate can be increased by equipping Artifacts or Weapons that provide an increase to Crit Rate. The default Crit Chance is 5%.

Critical Damage

Critical Damage or CRIT DMG for short determines how much bonus damage your character does when an attack hits critically. Crit Damage can be increased by equipping Artifacts and Weapons that provide a bonus to it. Some characters CRIT DMG also scale and increase as their level increases, characters such as Keqing.

Healing Bonus

Healing Bonus indicates the bonus amount of recovering HP towards one's self or to the team. Healing Bonus can be further increased by equipping Artifacts and Weapons, consuming some Food, or in some cases, as the character's level increases.

Incoming Healing Bonus

Incoming Healing Bonus, expressed as a percentage, determines the bonus to incoming healing directed at the character.

Energy Recharge

Energy Recharge is the percentage increase of energy regenerated by each elemental particle and elemental orb that is absorbed.

Cooldown Reduction

Reduce CD, commonly known as cooldown reduction, is a percentage decrease on the cooldowns after using your Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst before you can use them again.

Movement Speed

Movement Speed or better known as SPD determines how much faster your character moves in relation to their normal movement speed.

Attack Speed

Attack Speed, abbreviated as ATK SPD in game, determines how much faster your character can attack compared to normal.

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