Weapons for Genshin Impact is an equipment category of the game, weapons are equipped by the protagonist and are used to inflict damage against hostile characters such as enemies and bosses. In Genshin Impact, weapons are categorized into various types, Swords, Catalysts, Bows, Claymores, & Polearms; each playable character in the game specializes in a certain weapon. This page covers a list of all the Weapons that can be found in the game.

How to get Weapons in Genshin Impact

The most common ways to obtain weapons are to receive them from NPCs, gain them as rewards, participate in events, purchase them or obtain them from loot. Weapons are also sorted into  different rarity rankings that affect how they are obtained and how often they can be encountered. They range from 5 star to 1 star weapons, with 5 star weapons being the most rare and harder to come across or obtain.

  • 1-2 Star Weapons are obtained from chests in different locations, obtained from merchant NPCs or shops, obtained from NPCs after speaking to them or received with a new character
  • 3 Star Weapons are also obtained from chests and can also be obtained through wishes, random spawns, Quest rewards, and NPCs.
  • 4 Star Weapons are also obtained from Wishes, through Craftin or weapon Forging, Paimon's Bargains or other unique events. 
  • 5 Star Weapons are obtained exclusively through Wishes in  Wanderlust Invocaftion and unique events, 

Genshin Impact Weapon Stats

  • Levels: During combat, players and characters can gain Weapon EXP, which can also be affected by weapon enhancement materials. 
  • Depending on the Weapon ranking, weapons will have a base stat along with a secondary stat which directly affects the character stats.  It scales with the weapon level. 
  • These weapons also have passive abilities that provide buffs without players having to proactively activate any abilities. These effects can be affected by refining it. Refining can bring it up to a level 5 and are refined


What are the type of Weapons in Genshin Impact?

There are five classes of weapons available in Genshin Impact, which correspond to each of the characters. The weapons are sorted into Swords, Bows, Claymores, Catalysts, and Polearms. Each character wields only one type of weapon.

What is Weapon Rarity in Genshin Impact?

Weapons in Genshin Impact are also ranked according to their rarity. They rank from 1-5 stars in the game. 5 Star weapons rankings appear to be the most rare weapon types, and 1 star weapons are the most commonly found weapons. These Rarity rankings affect how they are obtained and how often players can come across them. 

Characters and their Weapon Types


Genshin Impact All Weapons


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