NPCs in Genshin Impact features a list of non-playable characters that can be interacted with and who makes an appearance in the game. NPCs are characters that add contrast to the game's lore where they provide information, some are categorized as quest givers, while others are categorized as Merchants whom you can trade with or request for certain services. This page covers a full list of all the NPCs in the game, you can find detailed information on their location and other related information on each individual page linked below.


Genshin Impact All NPCs


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NPC Name NPC Type Region
Marjorie Souvenir Vendor Mondstadt
Xingxi Souvenir Vendor Liyue
Mikoshi Genichirou Souvenir Vendor Inazuma
Blanche General Wares Vendor Mondstadt
Dongsheng General Wares Vendor Liyue
Aoi General Wares Vendor Inazuma
Sara Food, Ingredients, Recipe Vendor Mondstadt
Chef Mao Food, Ingredients, Recipe Vendor Liyue
Shimura Kanbei Food, Ingredients, Recipe Vendor Inazuma
Wagner Blacksmith, Mining Outcrops NPC Mondstadt
Schulz Blacksmith Apprentice NPC Mondstadt
Master Zhang Blacksmith, Mining Outcrops NPC Liyue
Hajime Blacksmith, Mining Outcrops NPC Inazuma
Hertha Reputation NPC Mondstadt
Ms. Yu Reputation NPC Liyue
Madarame Hyakubei Reputation NPC Inazuma
Nantuck Fishing Association Mondstadt
Jiawei Fishing Association Liyue
Kujirai Momiji Fishing Association Inazuma
Davy Mining Outcrops NPC Mondstadt
Doolan Mining Outcrops NPC Mondstadt
Draff Mining Outcrops NPC Mondstadt
Iron Shoulder Mining Outcrops NPC Liyue
Pan Guan'er Mining Outcrops NPC Liyue
Shizhuang the Strong Mining Outcrops NPC Liyue
Ikuhara Gai Mining Outcrops NPC Inazuma
Kagawa Mining Outcrops NPC Inazuma
Miyazaki Saburou Mining Outcrops NPC Inazuma
Qiuyue Mining Outcrops NPC Inazuma
Gygax Event NPC Mondstadt
Hosseini Event NPC Sumeru
Ji Tong Event NPC Liyue
Komakata Event NPC Inazuma
Liben Event NPC Random Regions
Linyang Event NPC Liyue
Lizzie Event NPC Mondstadt
Ruijin Event NPC Liyue
Sakuya Event NPC Inazuma
Ulman Event NPC Liyue, Inazuma
Zhiping Event NPC Liyue
Cloud Retainer Notable NPC Liyue
Madame Ping Notable NPC Liyue
Moon Carver Notable NPC Liyue
Mountain Shaper Notable NPC Liyue
Paimon Notable NPC, Companion N/A
Scaramouche Notable NPC Snezhnaya
The Unknown God Notable NPC N/A
Teppei Notable NPC Inazuma

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