Items in Genshin Impact is a type of equipment that can be used in various ways, items are presented into various categories such as consumables, food, materials, and ingredients. Items are usually obtained from looting crates, chests, destroying objects, dropped by killed enemies, bosses, sold by merchants, or acquired as a reward from completing a quest. This page covers a list of all the items in the game as well as its individual properties and relevant information.


Genshin Impact Items

Food (Dishes)

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Food is the cooked or made consumable dishes available in Genshin Impact, each with a distinct rarity. Each dish has their own set of effects and bonus stats that they provide to the Character consuming the dish. After it is consumed, it depletes from the inventory much like other Consumables like potions. Dishes can also be classified as specialty dishes which will grant higher effects and bonuses. These can only be made if a designated character cooks the dish. Dishes can be cooked from Ingredients after the recipe is learned or purchased as a ready-made dish. 



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Ingredients are the main materials needed in order to cook dishes. Recipes of dishes will have a set of required ingredients needed in order to cook the specific dish. Ingredients can be foraged, farmed or purchased throughout the map in Genshin impact. Other ingredients must be processed from other ingredients. For example, Wheat must be processed to obtain Flour. 



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Materials are the required items used to craft other items. Materials can be sorted into different types and have many different purposes. A number of Materials are used for Ascension to upgrade weapons or Characters. Others, can be used as ingredients to create other materials or gain EXP.  


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Consumables are the other items that are consumed and not classified as food. Most consumables in Genshin Impact are used as Potions and Oils. These grant further effects and bonuses when consumed and used then are eventually depleted from the inventory. 



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