Trophy & Achievement Guide for Genshin Impact covers information that indicates a list of all the trophies and/or achievements that can be obtained in order to achieve platinum or 100% completion rate for the PS4, and PC. Players can find information on how to obtain the following trophies/achievements that are listed below.


Genshin Impact Trophy & Achievement Guide

Name & Icon


Primogems Received

The Voice of Flowing Water Collect the entire "Heart of Clear Springs" series. 5
The Divine Halberd Mocks the Heavens Collect the entire "Legend of Shattered Halberd" series. 5
The Drunkard and the Wolf Collect the entire "A Drunkard's Tale" series. 5
Spring, White Horse, and Moonlight Collect the entire "Moonlit Bamboo Forest" series. 5
The Wind and The Star Traveler Blow seeds off a Dandelion using Anemo. 5
Of Mountains High Obtain the power of Geo. 5
Taking Shape Forge a 4-star weapon. 10
Survival Expert Learn 10/20/40 Recipes. 5/10/20
Star Chef Master 10/20/40 Recipes 5/10/20
Onward and Upward Ascend a character to Phase 2/4/? for the first time. 5/10/20
Re-armed, Re-forged Ascend a weapon to Phase 2/4/?. 5/10/20
Hitherto Unknown Reach Friendship 10 with 4/?/? characters. 5/10/20
Bounty of the Earth Collect 200/?/? rewards from blossoms of wealth or blossoms of revelation. 5/10/20
Hero's Gift Obtain a 4-star artifact. 5
Echoing Song Enhance 4-star artifact to its highest level. 10
Legendary Treasure Obtain a 5-star artifact. 5
Sacred Canto Enhance a 5-star artifact to its highest level. 10
Continental Explorer: Mondstadt Light up the entire Mondstadt map. 5
Brush of a Thousand Winds Unlock all Teleport Waypoints in Monsdtadt (21 total). 5
Let the Wind Lead Upgrade the Statues of The Seven in Mondstadt to their maximum level. 20
Sanctuary Pilgrim: Mondstadt Unlock all the Shrines of Depths in Mondstadt. (10 total) 10
Guiding Wind Follow 10/20/40 Seelie in Mondstadt to their Seelie Gardens. 5/10/20
Wind-chasing Treasure Hunter Open 100/200/400 chests in Mondstadt 5/10/20
Wind-chasing Adventurer Complete 5/10/15 Open World mechanism-activated Time Trial Challenges in Mondstadt. 5/10/20
Continental Explorer: Liyue Light up the entire Liyue map. 5
Surveyor of Stone Unlock all Teleport Waypoints in Liyue (40 total) 5
Unmovable Mountain Upgrade the Statues of the Seven in Liyue to their maximum level 20
Sanctuary Pilgrim: Liyue Unlock all the Shrines of Depths in Liyue (10 total) 10
Lithic Guide Follow 20/40/60 Seelie in Liyue to their Seelie Gardens. 5/10/20
Rock-steady Treasure Hunter Open 200/400/800 chests in Liyue 5/10/20
Rock-steady Adventurer Complete 10/20/? Open World mechanism-activated Time Trial Challenges in Liyue. 5/10/20
Cool It! Keep an enemy Frozen for over 10s (x1/5/10). 5/10/20
Earth, Wind, and Fire Trigger Cryo, Hydro, Pyro, and Electro Swirl Reactions at least once each within 2s (x1/?/?). 5/10/20
Season's Greetings Freeze 4 enemies within 2s (x1/5/10). 5/10/20
Performance May Decline in Low Temperatures Defeat 4 enemies with Superconduct within 2s (x1/?/?). 5/10/20
The Art of War Defeat 4 enemies with Overloaded within 2s (x1/5/10). 5/10/20
How Heartwarming Defeat 4 enemies with Melt within 2s (x1/?/?). 5/10/20
A Little Less Shocking Than Love at First Sight Defeat 4 enemies with Electro-Charged within 2s (x1/5/10) 5/10/20
Nothing Special, Just Practice Hit an eagle mid-flight with your bow. 5
Deadeye **** Strike an enemy's weak point from afar with an Aimed Shot. 5
Der Freischütz Strike an enemy's weak point from extremely far away with an Aimed Shot. 5
Full Metal What Now? Shatter the Geo Crystal Shield of a Large Geo Slime. 5
Are Plasma Globes Still in Fashion? Brek an Electro Cicin Mage's shield. 5
Rhythm Tengoku Stop an Abyss Mage from regenerating its shield. 5
Blazing Dadaupa Set a Wooden Shield Mitachurl's shield on fire. 5
Down We Go Clear Floor 4/?/? of the Spiral Abyss. 5/10/20
Down to Dodge Complete Spiral Abyss 2-3/?/? without taking any DMG. 5/10/20
My Precious Complete Spiral Abyss 2-2 with an undamaged Ley Line Monolith. 10
Stardust Crusader Obtain all Abyssal Stars in the Spiral Abyss. 20
...Odomu? Successfully conduct cultural exchange with the hilichurls in "Language Exchange." 5
Yo dala? Successfully conduct cultural exchange with the hilichurls in "Poetry Exchange." 5
Perfectionist Complete all of Tsarevich's commissions flawlessly in "Reliable Helper." 5
Telling It How It Is Gather intelligence concerning Snezhnaya in "Tales of Winter." 5
Geo Archon Anecdotes Collect all the stories about Rex Lapis in the "Geo Travel Diary." 5
Friends, Travelers, Lend Me Your Ears... Finish listening to the tale of the Ring of Raining Blades in "Cliffhanger." 5
Once Upon a Time... Finish listening to the tale of The Wrath of Haishan in "Cliffhanger." 5
You Came, You Saw, We Co-Oped Complete Domains together with other players 5/20/50 times 5/10/20
I Came, I Saw, I Conquered Collect 5/20/50 regional specialties in another player's world. 5/10/20
That's One Big Crystalfly Defeat an Anemo Hypostasis in Co-op Mode. 10
...And Still Smiling! Defeat an Electro Hypostasis in Co-op Mode. 10
You Have to Hit the Pillars Defeat a Geo Hypostasis in Co-op Mode. 10
Just Me and You, the Sky So Blue, and Almost Getting Killed by a Cryo Regisvine Defeat a Cryo Regisvine in Co-op Mode. 10
This is Fine Defeat a Pyro Regisvine in Co-op Mode. 10
A Fish Called Rhodeia Defeat an Oceanid in Co-op Mode. 10
Wolf Pact Defeat the king of Wolvendom in Co-op Mode. 10
Overlooking View Reach the very top of Qingyun Peak. 5
"Seeds of Stories, Brought By the Wind..." Reach the nameless island northeast of Mondstadt. 5
Initiating Warp Drive! Pass through the time tunnel in the skies of Cape Oath. 5
The Remains of the Gale Reach the top of the tower in Stormterror's Lair. 5
Unswerving Open the chest in the middle of the heart-shaped rock formation in Co-op Mode. Requires two players to stand in the heart for the chest to spawn. 5
Beloved of the Anemo Archon Take a seat in the hands of the God Statue in Mondstadt. 5
The Best Sword in the Cemetery Unlock the Tri-Seal of the Sword Cemetery. Complete "Break the Sword Cemetery Seal". 5
Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula Follow in the footsteps of immortals, and unlock the Domain's door. 5
Cecilia Garden Return the Seelie to their rightful places and unlock the entrance to a Domain in Wolvendom. 5
Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula Follow the Seelie and light the torches to unlock the entrance to a domain in Wuwang Hill. 5
"If you put your heart into it..." Cook 1 suspicious-tasting dish. Fail the cooking mini-game and produce a Suspicious-quality dish. 5
"...anyone can be a gourmet." Cook 10 suspicious-tasting dishes. Fail the cooking mini-game and produce a Suspicious-quality dish 10 times. 5
Boared to Death Be defeated by a wild boar. 5
Golden Gliding License Glide a long, long distance in one go. 10
It's the Same As Having Wings Glide continuously for over 80 seconds. 10
Quick As Lightning Sprint continuously (or use an alternative sprint) for over 15 seconds. 10
Friends the World Over Meet all sorts of people during your adventure. Achieve a total of 10,000 dialogue option interactions when speaking with NPCs. These do not need to be unique dialogue choices. 10
Wrath of the Gods Get struck by lightning. Roughly two seconds before lightning strikes, the location is indicated by a blue glow and arcs of electricity rising from the ground. 5
Transmutation Nuclide Use the Parametric Transformer to complete one material transmutation. 5
...You could hear Paimon all along, couldn't you? Even Paimon gets tired sometimes. Adjust the dialogue volume in the audio settings until Paimon repeats herself four times. 5
"Kujirai Art, Temari Jutsu" Play a game of Temari with Kujirai. Play 3 games of Temari with Kujirai after completing his initial world quest. One such location is on the island to the north-east of the Inazuma City Palace. 5
Paimon's Lucky Day! Draw a "Great Fortune" fortune slip at the Grand Narukami Shrine. 5
Just My Luck... Draw a "Great Curse" fortune slip at the Grand Narukami Shrine. 5
Underground... Overrated? Sometimes, the real treasure is the things you learn along the way. Unlock the treasure stowed beneath Jinren Island. 5
Who Let the Dogs Out Set Toratarou free. Toratarou can be found in the southeast corner of Jinren Island. After having found a key and opened the cage, you must follow it until arriving at destination in order to complete the achievement. 5
You Can't Help Your Feelings Help Hiromi resolve his angst. 5
Knock Knock Disable the containment dome surrounding the Mikage Furnace. 5
Kannazuka Battle Plan Defeat the revived Electro Hypostasis. 5
Why We Fight Help Masanori return to his senses. 5
Shocking… Positively Shocking Get struck down by Balethunder… 5
Jackpot Use the Kamuijima Cannon to reveal a treasure trove. Fire the southern-most cannon in the Kannazuka region towards the Shakkei Pavilion domain, with an elevation of 2 notches. 5
Blade of Tatara Obtain the diagram of a certain weapon from the past. 5
Yamada Go's Wooden Mallet See through the illusions of the Tanuki several times. 5
Temari for Life Have another player join a game of Temari that you are hosting. 5
Iwakura Out Witness the end of the Iwakura Clan. 5
"The Seventh Samurai" Help Xavier finish his film. 5
They Shall Not Grow Old Pay your respects to the deceased. 5
Oh, the Humanity! Witness the fate of the Samurai. 5
A Hollow Soul Find Washizu's lost possessions. 5
Rise and Shrine Find all the shrines on Yashiori Island. 5
...And I Would Walk 3,000 More Find Chouji on Tatarasuna and Narukami Island. 5
A Doctor's Odyssey Find out what happened to Yasumoto. 5
Oowazamono Defeat Masanori with ease. 5
Second Blooming Obtain Hanayama Kaoru's gift. 5
Thank You, Come Again Obtain the grand prize from Takashi's chests. 5
For the Future of Narukami... Return the wards needed for the Cleansing Ritual. 5
Rest in Peace End the wrath of 10 deceased samurai. 5
Hidden in Plain Sight Help Sango and Ryuuji solve the case. ??
Is There But One Truth...? Witness Ryuuji's tale. ??
Liyue Ichiban Heal Tang Wen with some delicious dishes. 5
Boom Shaka-Laka, More Boom-Shaka-Laka Consult Xiangling regarding special cooking methods 5
Meal For Two Help both Xudong and Kamei Munehisa make a dish once. ??
A Question of Diet Help Parvaneh proofread all the recipes. 5
Samurice Help Kamei Munehisa collect ingredients from the camps on either side. ??
"Sorry for the Trouble!" Receive the complaint that Konda Densuke lodges in "Post-Sale Service." ??
Samurai Gourmet Witness Kamei Munehisa's induction into the Gourmet Supremos. 5
Hello...! Anyone in here...? Discover a secret passageway in Ritou. 5
Editorial Opinion Help Shigeru and Junkichi return to the right artist path. ??
Guess Who? Find out who Zhenyu really is. 5
Tales of Monstrous Madness Collect the entire "Toki Alley Tales" series. ??
Smells like Animal Spirit! Defeat a Pyro Hypostasis after being hit by its mimetic 3-hit combo. 5
I Hear Thunder.. Be struck by the lightning called down by a Crackling Axe Mitachurl... 10
Core Breakthrough Defeat a Perpetual Mechanical Array after paralyzing all 4 types of its Ruin Sentinels. 10
Burned Yourself, Did You? Defeat a Pyro Hypostasis that has reignited twice. 5
Could All Uninvolved Machinery Please Leave Immediately? Defeat the Perpetual Mechanical Array without defeating any of its Ruin Sentinels. 10
"That's What They Call a Getaway!" Allow a struggling fish to get off the hook. 5
"Oh, so That's How You Fish..." Scare the fish away when casting your rod. 5
As You Wish Have your fortune told 5 times by Granny Komaki while obtaining an ideal result. 5
A Mermaid's Tale Help Kumi with her problem. 5
A Distant Sea Shepherd's Treasure Gain the most valued treasure of a great pirate from the ramblings of drunkards. 5
Long John Silver Find all of Rinzou's buried treasure. 5
Today, This Seal — Tomorrow, Watatsumi Island! Break the seal over the Electro Archon's shrine. 5
Palace in a Pool Unlock "Palace in a Pool" 5
The Stranding of the Beagle Explore Watatsumi Island, following in the footsteps of an unknown researcher. 5
"This one is a cat named Neko." Meet Neko, the "Provisional Head Priestess of the Asase Shrine." 5
Cat in the Clouds Witness a "good thing" come lately together with Neko, the "Provisional Head Priestess of the Asase Shrine." 5
A Cat's Gift Feed the kittens on Seirai Island and gain their affection. 5
It Has to Be Treasure "I already told you, it's just a picture!" 5
On the Other Side of Homesickness Help Oda Tarou take four pictures of Seirai Island. 5
Davy Jones' Locker Unlock all the mechanisms onboard the "Seiraimaru." 5
Sea of Puzzles Unlock one series of mechanisms on Seirai Island 5
Great Amakumo Peak Unlock the mechanism beneath Amakumo Peak 5
Dry Clean Defeat the Hydro Hypostasis without destroying a single one of its Water Droplets (except when it is restoring HP.) 5
Bio-Oceanic Weapon Be hit by a certain animal created by the Hydro Hypostasis... 5
Love and Non-Communication Defeat a Thunder Manifestation without ever being locked onto. 5
Thunder Fall Defeat a Thunder Manifestation while it is in flight. 5
Icy Rivers, Crimson Witch Defeat Signora without destroying either her Hearts of Flame or Eyes of Frost. 10
SWORDFISH II Obtain the trust of the Swordfish II squad. 5
Though Their Wishes Be Like Morning Dew... Find the person behind the distribution of the Delusions. 5
Fantabulous Firework Fiesta Set off fireworks to distract the guards. 5
Duel Before the Throne Emerge victorious in the duel before the throne. 5
Their Wishes Bring all the wishes upon the Statue of the Omnipresent God to fruition. 5
Omnipresence Over Mortals Complete "Omnipresence Over Mortals." 10
Well, At Least It Ended Hear Junkichi out as he puts his story together. 5
Her and Her Cat Follow Neko up Mt. Yougou to find "Hibiki"'s trail. 5
Traverse the Fog Door Get used to Tsurumi Island's odd weather. 5
Nihil Sub Caligine Novum Seems like you're back to square one... 5
White's Illusion Encounter the illusions of the ancient past 5
"Lovely Sights, Further Than the Eye Can See" Bid farewell to your boatman. 5
A Tale of Two Cities Even Tsurumi Island seems to be built atop the wreckage of ancient ruins. 5
"My Life as an Adventurer" Help Roald to complete his adventure diary. 5
Light Up the Fog Light up all the Stormstones on the Autake Plains. 5
"P—Paimon ate it..." Have the Maushiro that you got go missing. 5
Guessing Game From an even more distant past to the present day... 5
Thunderbird's Lineage Complete all the statue challenges. 5
Seven Letters Try to decipher the Ishine Script. 5
Moshiri Kara Unlock Moshiri Kara 5
Across the Misty River You finally reach the far side of the Sea of Fog... 5
"Trying to Tame Me?" Use the Omni-Ubiquity Net item to capture 1 wild animal. 5/10/20
"Not Flyin' Away This Time!" Use the Omni-Ubiquity Net item to capture 1 Crystalfly. 5
The Net Closes In Use the Omni-Ubiquity Net item to capture 1 Finch. 5
Megastar in Mondstadt Reach Reputation Lv. 8 in Mondstadt. 20
Legend in Liyue Reach Reputation Lv. 8 in Liyue. 20
QUEST CLEAR Complete 10/20/30 Bounties. 5/10/20
Hero-in-Training Complete 10/20/30 Requests. 5/10/20
QUEST FAILED Lost track of a Bounty target. Run out of time during a Bounty. 5
The Bleak Midwinter Succumb to Sheer Cold. Get any party member knocked out from Sheer Cold. 5
Priest, Princess, and Scribe Claim the treasure of the Entombed City. Open the chest in the middle of the Secret Room. 5
Prodigal Son's Return Follow the path of one of the members of the long-lost investigation team to where they embarked on their journey home. Open the chest after finding all of the Ragged Records. 5
Snow-Stored History Discover the fate of a long-lost investigation team that once explored Dragonspine. Complete "A Land Entombed". 5
Glacial Steel Obtain an ancient weapon made of Starsilver. Obtain the Snow-Tombed Starsilver by lighting up all 4 torches in the corners of the secret room. 5
Futile Endeavor Discover the remains of many ruin machines. Interact with all nine of the Record of Serial No. machines. 5
Untellable Tale Make an unexpected friend in an unexpected location. Open the chest that appears on the day after feeding the foxes for five days. The bowl for the foxes is located at a camp in the Entombed City - Ancient Palace. 5
Towering Achievement Reach the summit of Dragonspine. Collect the Crimson Agate at the summit of Dragonspine. 5
Winter Wonderland Discover a Cryo Crystalfly beneath a snow pile. The Northern coast between Wyrmrest Valley and Snow-Covered Path and Southern coast below the right waypoint of Starglow Cavern appears to have some. 5
The Hunter Becomes the Hunted Be defeated by The Great Snowboar King. Get any party member knocked out by The Great Snowboar King. 5
Chill Out! Defeat The Great Snowboar King while the latter is in berserker mode. Berserker mode is when his eyes glow red and have eye trails. 5
Glutton for Goulash Learn to make Goulash. Obtained from "Ah, Fresh Meat!". 5
Sky High Climb the Skyfrost Nail after it has been restored. Collect the Crimson Agate at the top of the Skyfrost Nail after it has been restored. Obtained after finishing "In the Mountains". 5
Yo-Ho-Ho, and a Bottle of Dandelion Wine Climb aboard your Waverider. 5
Mighty and Illuminated Wave Rider Continuously sail your Waverider for a certain period of time. The achievement will actually only proc upon leaving the Waverider and not pop up directly once the required time has been spent. 5
Nice Boat! Switch Waveriders with another player. 5
...And Her Name Is the Mary Celeste Suffer the destruction of your Waverider. Will not unlock if destroyed by a whirlpool. 5
Déjà Vu! Continuously sail your Waverider at high speeds for a certain period of time. 5
Juggernaut Crush all of a Geo Hypostasis' Rock Pillars of Revival before it can be revived. 10
The PRISM Program Break all of an Electro Hypostasis' Revival Prisms before it can be revived. 10
"That's one big Crystalfly" Absorb all of an Anemo Hypostasis' Wind Crystals before it can be revived. 10
"...Not indicative of final product" Defeat an Anemo Hypostasis that has undergone 4 types of Elemental Conversions. Combine an Anemo Hypostasis' tornadoes with four elements and defeat it. 10
The Bigger They Are... Paralyze a Ruin Guard by attacking its weak point. 5
Through Pass Knock a Pyro Slime out of the hands of a Hilichurl Grenadier. 5
Dolorous Stroke Defeat an opponent by Shattering the ice they are trapped in. 5
Hilichurl Champion Defeat a Stonehide Lawachurl before its Infused Form can expire. Defeat a Stonehide Lawachurl while its Geo Armor is still active. 10
Bon Appétit Have 4 party members in the Full state at the same time. 10
Purveyor of Punishment Deal over 5,000/​20,000/​50,000 CRIT DMG. 5/10/20
Fantastic Four Complete a Domain using 4 characters of the same Elemental Type. "Obtainable in Single-player mode only. Story Domain/Trial characters will not count." 10
"Take That, You Overblown Mist Flower!" Defeat a Cryo Regisvine without destroying its corolla weak point. 10
"That Was Blooming Hot" Defeat a Pyro Regisvine without destroying its corolla weak point. 10
Outlander Vs. Outlander Defeat Childe without any party member being marked and then hit by his follow-up attack. 10
Penalty There are places where one cannot simply dig Pyro Slimes out of the ground. Make a Pyro Hilichurl Grenadier dig out a Pyro Slime in the water (must be shallow water so it does not drown). 5
Force Field Erosion Destroy the Electro Hypostasis' barrier. Use Elemental Reactions to destroy the barrier created by the Electro Hypostasis. 5
"...Lizard-Spock“ Have one character get hit by all three parts of the rock-paper-scissors attack consecutively. You must survive the attack. 5
A House Ill-Founded Cause the same Geo Hypostasis to fall three times by destroying the Basalt Column that it is on. 5
None Stand Secure Force the Geo Hypostasis into its revival state without destroying any Basalt Columns. 5
Back With The Wind Absorb at least 10 Elemental Orbs created by the Anemo Hypostasis in a single battle. 5
Core Meltdown Destroy the Blazing Seed created by a Pyro Regisvine. 5
Knockout Destroy a Cryo Regisvine's corolla weak point while it is performing its rotary spray attack. 5
"...Till Debt Do Us Part" Defeat a Fatui Agent while they are in their stealth mode. 5
"Melting... Away..." Defeat a Cryo Cicin Mage while all her Cryo Cicins are currently active. 5
And You Call Yourself One of the Four Winds Defeat an Anemoboxer Vanguard after having triggered all of their Elemental Absorptions. Combine an Anemoboxer Vanguard's shield with four elements and defeat it. 5
Touch and Go Use a shield to counter a Geovishap's charging attack. 5
Deflection! Use a shield to counter a Primo Geovishap's Primordial Shower attack. The shield cannot be Geo or a matching type to Primo Geovishap's element. 5
You Can Have Those Back! Use a shield of a matching type (or a Geo shield) to counter a Primo Geovishap's Primordial Shower attack and deal immense DMG. 5
Sternest of Souls Defeat Azhdaha in all its forms. 20
"...A Single Night's Work" Defeat a Cryo Hypostasis that is in a weakened state. 5
"Knee-Deep Snow..." Defeat a Cryo Hypostasis that has revived three times. 5
Fine, I'll Do It Myself Defeat a Primo Geovishap without reflecting its Primordial Shower. 5
In This Solemn Matter Let No One Interfere! Defeat a Maguu Kenki without triggering its “Oushi no Omote” parry. 5
If I Run Fast Enough… Defeat a Maguu Kenki without being hit by its phantom’s attacks. 10
Fight Fire With Fire Defeat a Kairagi: Fiery Might while their weapon is infused with Pyro. 5
Ride the Lightning Defeat a Kairagi: Dancing Thunder while their weapon is infused with Electro. 5
 The End of the Beginning Complete the Mondstadt Archon Quests. Complete "Ending Note". 20
The Outlander Who Caught the Wind Complete "The Outlander Who Caught the Wind." 10
For a Tomorrow Without Tears Complete "For a Tomorrow Without Tears." 10
Song of the Dragon and Freedom Complete "Song of the Dragon and Freedom." 10
Let the Wind Lead Obtain the power of Anemo. Complete "Bird's Eye View". 5
...Or a New Storm? Banish the dragon attacking Mondstadt. Complete "Dragon Storm". 5
Knighthood Excellence Become an Honorary Knight of Favonius. Complete "Knights of Favonius". 5
Knights and their Knotty Issues Fail to borrow the Holy Relic... but learn of the Knights' dilemma. Complete "Wild Escape". 5
Winds Change Their Course Be rescued by Dvalin. Complete "A Long Shot". 5
Of the Land Amidst Monoliths Complete "Of the Land Amidst Monoliths" 10
Farewell, Archaic Lord Complete "Farewell, Archaic Lord." 10
Outlandish Behavior Be rescued by an outsider at the "tourist spot that locals don't go to." Complete "Rite of Descension". 5
Silly-Billy Churlish Ghoul Agree to play with Dusky Ming. Complete "Wangshu". 5
That Smells Divine Figure out which perfume Rex Lapis is fond of. Complete "Three Poignant Perfumes". 5
It's Bigger on the Inside Clean Madame Ping's teapot. Complete "The Realm Within". 5
Ticked, Tacked, and Towed Commission others to finish your work, unfettered by such things as Mora. Complete "Downtown". 5
Respecting Cultural Heritage You failed to find the Cocogoat... but manage to repair a mechanism. Earned during "Guizhong". 5
The Long Goodbye Prepare everything necessary for the Rite of Parting. Complete "Guizhong". 5
Icing on the Slime Create a box of lovely, jubbly Sugar-Frosted Slimes. Earned during "Equilibrium". 5
Sky's the Limit Reach Liyue's "mansion in the sky". Earned during "Equilibrium". 5
Lily Loves Music Sing a song of Mondstadt to the Glaze Lilies. Earned during "Solitary Fragrance". 5
I'll Let You Off... This Time Defeat Childe. Complete "Heart of Glaze". 5
Derailed Defeat the Overlord of the Vortex. Complete "Turning Point". 5
Final Farewell Take part in the Rite of Parting. Complete The Fond Farewell". 5
A New Star Approaches Complete "A New Star Approaches". 5
The Bandit, the Lunatic, and the Pitch-Black Enigma Uncover the Grand Thief's fate. Earned during "Involuntary Sacrifice" 5
Where Fate Comes to a Crossroads Escape the eerie ruins. Complete "Involuntary Sacrifice" 5
Sneering at the Power of the Gods Learn of the "Loom of Fate". Complete "A Herald Without Adherents" 5
Silence, You Raving Lunatic Defeat the Abyss Herald. 5
We Will Be Reunited Complete "We Will Be Reunited." 5
The Gathering Storm Earn the chance to go to Inazuma on board the Alcor. Earned during "A Path Through the Storm." 5
Ready, Fight! Earn your first victory in The Crux Clash. Earned during "The Crux Clash." 5
Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves Complete "Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves." 10
Through the Storm Reach the Outsider Settlement. Complete Setting Sail. 5
Hiiragi Sanjuuro Escort the goods successfully and leave Ritou. Complete Ritou Escape Plan. 5
The Aspirations of All Come into contact with the Statue of the Omnipresent God, the symbol of Eternity. Earned during Three Wishes 5
The Princess Behind the Curtain Officially make acquaintance of the young lady of the Kamisato Clan. Complete Three Wishes. 5
Omamori, Justice, Number One Complete the "three small wishes". Finish meeting Kamisato Ayaka in A Flower Blooms in a Prison. 5
Jailhouse Fiesta Rescue Masakatsu successfully. Complete Police Detention Center. 5
To Brave the Lightning's Glow Become the target of the Vision Hunt Decree. 5
Revolutionary Outlander Successfully join the resistance. 5
The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia Complete "The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia." 10
Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow Complete "Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow." 10
Pirates! Argh! Play a game of pirates with Little Lulu, Little Fei, and Little Meng. Complete all 3 variations of "Pirate Invasion, in Liyue Harbor!". 5
Love Is All Around In "Good Sign," help Zhihua find 5 signs that romance is coming his way. See that Granny Shan has good business, leave the pigeons alone, leave the dogs alone, leave the cat and fish alone, and leave the leaves alone. 5
A Nourishing Friendship Complete "Fishing Jiangxue" and "Yanxiao's Dilemma." 5
For the Love of Godwin Finish "Whispers in the Wind" 5 times. 5
Level Up Help Huai'an repair Wangshu Inn's broken bridge. Complete the 2nd part of "Stairway to Wangshu". 5
Beginner's Luck Select the highest-value jade on your first try. Can be earned during "Diamond in the Rough...". 5
Taking Responsibility for Your Actions Apologize to Timmie. Complete "Sorry, Timmie!". 5
Making Do Only bring materials for a training dummy to Herman. Destroy the dummy in "The Limitations of an Adventurer". 5
"Dear Daddy..." Hear Timmie's story. Complete "A Boy's Letter". 5
Marvelous Medicine Cure Anna's illness. Complete "Recuperating From a Severe Illness". 5
In the Name of Favonius Witness Jilliana's tale. Complete Vile's version of "A Surprise Gift". 5
Scholarly Pretensions Complete "The Lost Relic" and "A Little Raid." 5
Poet Vs. Paycheck Complete "So-called Work" and receive Linling's poetry anthology. Complete "Sorry, Linling!". 5
All's Well That Ends Well Complete the quest "For Old Time's Sake". 5
This Novel Is Amazing! Steal a peek at Chang the Ninth's draft manuscript. Take a peek at the book in "A Novel Plan". 5
Open to Interpretation Ruin 4 signs of an imminent romance. In "Good Sign", attack the pigeons, scare away the dogs, collect the fish, and burn or blow away the leaves. 5
Get Your Own Emergency Food! Consume the food during "Food Delivery". 5
You Should Start A Doushin Dojo Help Asakura train 5 times. 5
Nothing to Lose But Time Unlock the secrets of two sundials. Complete "Time and Wind". 5
Interview with a Bygone God Hear the story of a bygone deity. Complete "Treasure Lost, Treasure Found". 5
Crouching Dragon, Hidden Chi Learn about the tale of the Chi. Complete "The Chi of Guyun". 5
Scourge of the Battlefield Fetch a good price for a treasure found in an ancient ruin. Complete "Nine Pillars of Peace". 5
Shadow Over Luhua Pool Help Vermeer get the scenery of his dreams. Talk to Vermeer after completing "Luhua Landscape". He's at the ruins at the waypoint directly North of the domain. 5
Ready Player Zero Play a simple game with Childish Jiang. Complete "A Little Game". 5
Trees Should Blend Their Roots and Shade, For That Is Where the Home is Made Witness the story of Yuan Hong's household. Complete "The Tree who Stands Alone". 5
Gears of Destiny Complete the quest "Bough Keeper: Dainsleif". 5
Fantastic Voyage: Prologue Complete "Fantastic Voyage" and unlock all endings. 20
Archaic Lord of Lightning and Blitz Witness the awesome meteorological power of Bennett's phenomenally bad luck. Complete Ad Astra. 5
The Power of Luck Activate the Mechanisms and obtain the treasure without making any mistakes. Successfully complete the mechanism puzzle in Expansive Eya. 5
Evil Is Banished Complete "Signs of Evil" and unlock all endings. 20
Behold, Mine Evil-Espying Eye! Correctly interpret all clues. Completely interpret all clues in On The Evil Spirits' Trail. 5
Red Hot Chili Popsicles Make a popsicle using the wrong recipe and provoke Chongyun's Pure-Yang spirit. Make popsicles out of Jueyun Chili and slime condensate in A Curious Mix. 5
A Line That May Be Crossed Complete "Wellspring of Healing" and unlock all endings. 20
An Idol's Last Line of Defense Successfully persuade Albert and Barbara's other fans to leave. Complete Albert is Amenable To Reason and persuade Barbara's fans to leave in The Cat's Tail's Specialty. 5
Mondstadt's Spiciest Surprise Sample Barbara's Chilibrew. Complete Home-Made Chilibrew. 5
A Maid of Strength and Virtue Complete "Chivalric Training" and unlock all endings. 20
"...For I Am Duty Bound" Help Noelle discover the source of her strength. Complete Strength Training. 5
A World Known Only Unto Roses Read Noelle's study notes. Read Noelle's study notes after completing The Almighty Maid and Her Impossible Task. 5
Stress Relief Complete "Knightly Exam Prep" and unlock all endings. 20
Invulnerable Maid-Knight Listen to "A Knight's Journey Through Liyue" with Noelle. Complete A Knight's Journey Through Liyue. 5
Mondstadt's Note-Taker General Read Noelle's study notes. Read Noelle's study notes at the end of Imperfect Examination. 5
Diona Special, Stirred, Not Shaken Complete "The Cat and the Cocktail" and unlock all endings. 20
But There's a Catch... Help Diona Find a special base drink. Complete The Shadow Over Dadaupa. 5
Kitten Queen Bring all the cats back to The Cat's Tail. Complete When the Cats Come Home. 5
Everyone's Happy Complete "A Housekeeper's Daily Chores" and unlock all endings. 20
Housekeeper Extraordinaire Complete the big cleanup within the time limit 5
From the Sea Never Returning Learn of Inu Shoushou's story together with Thoma 5
Taller by Half Complete "Yoohoo Art: Seichou no Jutsu" and unlock all endings. 1/19/00
Mujina-Class Ninja Obtain Sayu's highest rating during agility training. 5
Dish Effect: Mobility Decreased You were unable to prevent Sayu's reckless consumption... 1/4/00
General of Watatsumi Complete "The Canine General's Special Operations" and unlock all endings 20
Changing Times Draw all fortune slips at the Grand Narukami Shrine. 5
To Tell or Not to Tell, That Is the Question Discover Ms. Hina's true identity at the Yae Publishing House. 5
Honorary Crux Member Complete "When the Crux Shines Bright" and unlock all endings. 20
Wine Unburdens Take part in the Qingce banquet with Beidou 5
Guyun Buyers' Club Find out the truth behind the deal Beidou's making 5
Unlimited Power! Obtain the power of Electro. 5
Land of Dandelions Collect the entire The Fox in the Dandelion Sea series. 5
True Friendship Takes Sacrifices Collect the entire The Boar Princess series. 5
Eternal Youth Collect the entire Vera's Melancholy series. 5
Hilichurlian Studies Expert Collect the entire Hilichurl Cultural Customs series. 5
Melt You Down Like Ice Cream Defeat 4 opponents with Melt within 2s (x1/5/10). 5/10/20
Master Sniper Strike an opponent's weak point from afar with an Aimed Shot. 5
Abyssal Crusader Obtain all Abyssal Stars in the Spiral Abyss. Requires only the 72 Abyssal Stars from the Abyss Corridor; it does not include stars from the Abyssal Moon Spire. 20
A Delusion's Abilities Don't Decide A Battle's Outcome Defeat Childe in Co-op Mode. 10
Moving Mountains Defeat a Primo Geovishap in Co-op Mode. 10
Blast from the Past Defeat Azhdaha in Co-op Mode. 10
Put on Ice Defeat a Cryo Hypostasis in Co-op Mode. 10
No Strings Attached, Anymore Defeat a Maguu Kenki in Co-op Mode. 10
Operation Bonfire Defeat a Pyro Hypostasis in Co-op Mode. 10
The Not-So-Perpetual Mechanical Array Defeat a Perpetual Mechanical Array in Co-op Mode. 10
Hydro Hunter Defeat every type of Hydro Mimic that an Oceanid can summon. 5
Dip, Duck, Dive, Dodge, Defeat Defeat an Oceanid without being hit by water bombs left behind by certain Hydro Mimics. 10
...Well, That Was Strange Defeat the Unusual Hilichurl 1/20/50 time(s). 5/10/20
Extreme Gardening Paralyze a Cryo Regisvine by attacking its corolla. 5
Gardener Extraordinaire Paralyze a Pyro Regisvine by attacking its corolla. 5
Geronimo! Hit an opponent with a Plunging Attack after plunging for more than 5 seconds. 5
Vicious Circle Unleash 5 Elemental Bursts within 15 seconds. 10
Shield Me From the World Have a single character be protected by 3 different types of shield at once. 10
Turnover Knock a Cryo Slime out of the hands of a Cryo Hilichurl Grenadier. 5
Tear Down This Wall! Destroy an Ice Shieldwall Mitachurl's shield. 5
No Ice for Me, Thanks Defeat a Cryo Samachurl before it is able to create an ice pillar. 5
...The Harder They Fall Destroy a Cryo Samachurl's ice pillar. 5
Chilly-Churl Defeat a Frostarm Lawachurl before its Infused Form can expire. 10
"Rosebud..." Break a Cryo Cicin Mage's shield. 5
Assassin of Kings Defeat the true ruler of Dragonspine. 10
David and Goliath Paralyze a Ruin Grader by attacking its weak point. 5
...Geovishap, Solarvishap, Lunarvishap... Defeat the Geovishap in all of its elemental forms. 5
Geo Elemental Reaction? Defeat the Primo Geovishap in all of its elemental forms. 10
Puppet Show-Off Defeat the Maguu Kenki while he is taunting you. 5
Totaled Totem Defeat an Electro Samachurl with no lightning totem on the field. 5
Did My Hand Fall From My Wrist? Defeat a Thunderhelm Lawachurl while in an enhanced state. 5
It's Quiet... Too Quiet... Defeat the Pyro Hypostasis after it enters its extinguished state only once 5
The Battle of Narukami Island Defeat the Perpetual Mechanical Array in its weakened state. 5
The Finishing Touch Defeat Azhdaha without ever having gained a shield. 10
I'll Skip the Spa, Thanks Defeat a Mirror Maiden without being trapped by its Water Prison. 5
Continental Explorer: Dragonspine Light up the Dragonspine map. 5
Peak Hopper Unlock all Teleport Waypoints in Dragonspine. 5
Seelie in the Snow Follow 5/10/20 Warming Seelie in Dragonspine to their Seelie Courts. 5/10/20
Mountain of Treasure Open 40/80/160 chests in Dragonspine. 5/10/20
Scarlet Sprouts Raise the Frostbearing Tree to Lv. 4/8/12. 5/10/20
Skyfrost Nail Raise the strange column. 10
Dragonspear Make a weapon from a dragon's remains. 10
High Adeptal Energy Readings Ahead Reach 20,000 Adeptal Energy in 1/2/3 realm layout. 5/10/20
Friend of the Realm Reach Trust Rank 4/7/10 with the teapot spirit. 5/10/20
T-T-T-Timberhochwandi Obtain 100/600/2000 pieces of wood. 5/10/20
If I Were a Rich Man Obtain 2,000/10,000/50,000 realm currency. 5/10/20
Not Just a Small Bench Create 120/300/600 furnishings. 5/10/20
Color It In Create 50/200/600 dyes. 5/10/20
Precision Modeling Learn 60/120/180 furnishing blueprints. 5/10/20
My... Territory Place 50/150/300 furnishings in a single realm layout. 5/10/20
Realm Sans Frontiéres Use the Serenitea Pot to enter your realm. 5
Honored Guest of the Realm Invite a companion to stay in your Serenitea Pot. 5
Fireside Chats Unlock 10/20/30 interactions with your companions. 5/10/20
Gifts All Around Receive 5/10/20 gifts from your companions. 5/10/20
Just Like a Game of Chess Set up a Realm Waypoint in your Serenitea Pot for the first time. 5
We're Going to Need More Crops! Gather 40/200/800 items in "A Path of Value: Jade Field." 5/10/20
My Blooming Abode Gather 40/200/800 items in "A Path of Value: Luxuriant Glebe." 5/10/20
Stop! Gather Time. Gather 40/200/800 items in "A Path of Value: Orderly Meadow." 5/10/20
Continental Explorer: Land of Surging Thunder (I) Light up the Narukami Island, Kannazuka, and Yashiori Island areas of the Inazuma map. 5
Thunderbolding Across the Land (I) Unlock all Teleport Waypoints in the Narukami Island, Kannazuka, and Yashiori Island areas of Inazuma. 5
Sanctuary Pilgrim: Inazuma Tenryou (I) Unlock all Shrines of Depths in the Narukami Island, Kannazuka, and Yashiori Island areas of Inazuma. 10
Eternal Thunder Upgrade the Statues of The Seven in Inazuma to their maximum level. 20
Divine Roots Reach the Max Level of Sacred Sakura's Favor. 20
Naku Weed Whacker (I) Follow 10/20/40 Electro Seelie on Narukami Island, Kannazuka, and Yashiori Island in Inazuma. 5/10/20
Lights Will Guide You Home (I) Follow 4/8/16 Seelie to their Seelie Courts on Narukami Island, Kannazuka, and Yashiori Island in Inazuma. 5/10/20
Lightning-Riding Treasure Hunter (I) Open 100/200/300 Chests on Narukami Island, Kannazuka, and Yashiori Island in Inazuma. 5/10/20
Lightning-Riding Adventurer (I) Complete 6/12/24 Open World mechanism-activated Time Trial Challenges on Narukami Island, Kannazuka, and Yashiori Island in Inazuma. 5/10/20
Spring Cleaning Complete the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual. 10
Tatara Tales Resolve the Crisis at the Mikage Furnace. 10
Echo of Fury Complete "Orobashi's Legacy." 10
Continental Explorer: Land of Surging Thunder (II) Light up the Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island areas of the Inazuma map. 5
Thunderbolting Across the Land (II) Unlock all Teleport Waypoints in the Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island areas of Inazuma. 5
Sanctuary Pilgrim: Inazuma Tenryou (II) Unlock all Shrines of Depths in the Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island areas of Inazuma. 10
Naku Weed Whacker (II) Follow 4/8/16 Electro Seelie on Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island in Inazuma. 5/10/20
Lights Will Guide You Home (II) Follow 6 Seelie to their Seelie Courts on Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island in Inazuma. 5
Lightning-Riding Treasure Hunter (II) Open 40/80/160 chests on Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island in Inazuma. 5/10/20
Lightning-Riding Adventurer (II) Complete 6/12/24 Open World mechanism-activated Time Trial Challenges on Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island in Inazuma. 5/10/20
Seirai Stormchasers Complete "Seirai Stormchasers" 10
The Same Moonlight Complete "The Moon-Bathed Deep" 10
Amateurs Hammer Nails Into Hooks Catch your first fish. 5
"Do you need a fishtank to go with that?" Catch your first Ornamental Fish. 10
Yon Mirror'd Moon, Broken Catch a fish that only comes out at night for the first time. 5
Ding Ding Ding! Catch 100/500/2000 fish successfully. 5/10/20
"Call Me Ishmael." Catch one fish in another player's world. 5
Fishy Motive Buy a fishing rod from the Fishing Association. 10
Into the Waters Successfully make 20 Bait. 5
A Right Proper Angler Unlock 20 fish Archive entries. 10
Intermission Catch a scattered page of a book while fishing in Inazuma. 5
Stabilizer Catch fish successfully 10 times while always staying inside the Ideal Tension Zone. 5
Continental Explorer: Tsurumi Island Light up the Tsurumi Island map. 5
Fog's Edge Unlock all Teleport Waypoints in Tsurumi Island. 5
Sanctuary Pilgrim: Tsurumi Island Unlock all the Shrines of Depths on Tsurumi Island. 10
Flashes in the Night Follow 6 Electro Seelie on Tsurumi Island. 1/4/00
Foggy Guidance Follow 6 Seelie on Tsurumi Island to their Seelie Courts. 5
Lost Treasure Hunter Open 30/60/120 chests on Tsurumi Island. 5/10/20
Lost Adventurer Complete 4/8/12 Open World mechanism-activated Time Trial Challenges on Tsurumi Island. 5/10/20
Thunder is Forever Complete a certain author's reference-gathering commission. 10



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