After the Storm

Location Mondstadt
Quest Type World Quest
Adventure EXP 100
Mora Reward 20,000

After the Storm is a World Quest in Genshin Impact. These are quests that are encountered throughout exploration of the world of Teyvat .World Quests give insight into the various locations and stories of the world. Players must find the starting NPC to receive these quests. Some have Adventure Rank requirements or are only available after a certain Archon Quest has been completed.


Locate and retrieve Crystal Ores for Wagner in Stormterror's Lair.


After the Storm Rewards Genshin Impact

  • Adventure EXP: 100
  • Mora: 20,000

Additional Rewards: 


After the Storm Walkthrough Genshin Impact

Activate the Quest and follow each of the objectives:



After the Storm Notes, Tips, & Trivia

  • After the Storm Genshin Impact Notes, Tips, and Trivia Go Here



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