Chili-Mince Cornbread Buns

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Increases all party members' Shield strength by 25~35% and DEF by 165~235 for 300s.

Chili-Mince Cornbread Buns is a Food (Dish) that can be cooked in Genshin Impact. Food is a consumable item that is cooked by the player and in some cases, by certain playable characters. Cooking is mainly used to prepare food or a dish by following a recipe and using certain ingredients. There are various recipes found in the game and consuming food grants various effects and buffs for the team. Other special foods are also known as specialty dishes which can only be made by a specific Playable Character.


A traditional snack from Liyue. The fresh dough is turned out into a round, rested, and then placed inside a cage to steam. The meat and vegetables are then washed, diced, before being fried quickly in an oiled wok. When eaten, the fried condiments must be placed into the empty space in the middle of the buns before they are eaten together. Between the crisp vegetables and the flavorful meat, this is solid, great flavor.


Genshin Impact Chili-Mince Cornbread Buns Information


Where to Find Chili-Mince Cornbread Buns in Genshin Impact

  • Source: Obtained by cooking
  • Recipe: Obtained during the Three to get Ready, and Here we Go Quests in the Moonlight Merrifment Event.

The Chili-Mince Cornbread Buns Dish can be cooked with the following Ingredients:


Chili-Mince Cornbread Buns Notes & Tips

  • Chili-Mince Cornbread Buns Genshin Impact other notes, tips, and trivia go here.



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