Secret Pirate Treasure

Location Mondstadt

Secret Pirate Treasure is a Story Quest in Genshin Impact. These are quests that are encountered when you gain characters and achieving their required adventure rank encountered in the world of Teyvat. Each has a story chapter named after their constellation which players can unlock to learn more about the character and possibly play as them briefly as a "trial" character, even if they do not own the character.


 Secret Pirate Treasure  Sub-Quests, Descriptions and Rewards



 How to begin: Completing the Archon Quest The Outlander Who Caught the Wind

Kaeya's Troubles

  • Description: You bump into Kaeya, whom you first met during Stormterror's attack, at the Knights of Favonia Headquarters
  • Adventure EXP: 250
  • Primogem: 0
  • Mora: 3325 
  • Other Rewards: 
    Wanderer's Advice x8
    Fine Enhancement Ore x3

Mystery of the Arcadian Ruins

  • Description: According to Kaeya, his pirate grandfather left behind a treasure sword that has been buried in the Lost Arcadian Ruins. To prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, you search high and low for intelligence regarding the ruins.
  • Adventure EXP: 250
  • Primogem: 0
  • Mora: 3325 
  • Other Rewards: 
    Wanderer's Advice x8
    Fine Enhancement Ore x3

Kaeya's Gain



Secret Pirate Treasure Walkthroughs

  1. Talk to Kaeya. As soon as you get this quest you will have to  talk to Kaeya which is currently in the Headquarters of the Knights of Favonia. Upon getting dialogue from him, he will say it is a private matter and you should only continue talking in the courtyard. Leave the headquarters and then talk to him in the courtyard. 
  2. After meeting him in the nearby courtyard, he will explain the situation. From there you will be directed to find info in the nearby Adventurer's Guild. Talking to Cyrus nearby would progress the quest and you will report back to Kaeya.
  3. Kaeya will then point you to an informant meeting about the ruins just outside the city. Getting to the marked location, you will encounter a bunch of enemies harassing someone. Saving this person and talking to them she will reveal she is the informant named Vile. From there she would give you some clues to find the ruins. From here you could find the ruins by yourself with the clues or talk to Kaeya to talk about it giving you more info of the area you are looking for.

  4. The area where or tower you would be looking for would literally be a tower in front of the Adventurer's Guild Building where you were asking around earlier for information. Simply climb the tower that showed in the picture which is the windmill tower literally in front of the building. You will need to get up to the highlighted platform. Scale it and find the common chest in the platform and you will find the next clue.
  5. Looking at map given by the next clue you would be directed to an area directly south of the town of Springvale. (Which would be revealed after you clear the Statue of Seven south of Mondstadt) It will be nearby to a teleport point and a small lake so it would be pretty hard to miss. Simply head there.

  6. Upon reaching the teleport point. You would then need  to climb onto the second level of the waterffall/mountain. Shown the in picture above are the pillars you are looking for with the teleporter point on the bottom left. You would need a Cryo character so just party up Kaeya and activate the puzzle. After getting the final clue you would be given a navigation point to the last area and it would be marked in the map which would be straightforward.
  7. The final part of the quest need you to get to the designated area and enter a domain quest. It is pretty straight forward, finish the domain and then complete the quest!



Secret Pirate Treasure Notes, Tips, & Trivia

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