Ein Immernachtstraum

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Character Fischl
Rarity ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ein Immernachtstraum is an Outfit or Cosmetic Outfit in Genshin Impact. Outfits for Genshin Impact are an equipment category of the game that are usually featured in special events or purchased via the Character Outfit Shop. These changes the appearance of a Playable Character that can be previewed and worn in the Dressing Room. Outfits are purely cosmetic, and add no real stats or strength to any character that has them equipped, meaning they are not helpful in progressing the game.


A ceremonial outfit for the Prinzessin. May she who is noble retain her courage, sincerity, and kindness forever, such that no evil shall ever overcome her.


How to Unlock Ein Immernachtstraum Outfit in Genshin Impact

  • Collecting 16 Phantasmal Conches during the Resonating Visions Event
  • Character Outfit Shop (After Version 2.8)






Genshin Impact Conch Map Locations

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Broken Isle

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Middle Island (Unnamed)

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Pudding Isle

pudding isle conches genshin impact wiki guide 400px


Minacious Isle

minacious isle conches genshin impact wiki guide 400px


Twinning Isle

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Genshin Impact Phantasmal Conches Guide

 Secret Mission Log

  1. On a slope in the north side of the mountain, near the seaside and close to the waverider waypoint.
  2. Requires a lot of climbing~ It's recommended to start from the west-most side of the mountain (Where Secret Mission Log: 1 Is). Will be on the edge of the top of the mountain.   
  3. On top of a rock pile near the beach in the open. 
  4. About 10 meters south from Secret Mission Log: 3, also on top of a rock pile, but further from the beach.
  5. North-east of the mountain teleport, near rocks and a fallen tree.
  6. On a rock in the beach beside a group of hilichurls and south of the ruin guard
  7. On a rock close to where the ocean begins on the beach
  8. Under the cliff, on a rock close across from the pillar inside the hollow part of the mountain

Ongoing Mission Image

  1. Close to the shore, on top of a rock
  2. Near the wooden stairs of a hilichurl camp on the shore
  3. On the top of the cliff, directly next to the the teleport waypoint
  4. Underneath the mini-cliff where the Electro Fatui is.

Central Camp Image

  1. At the top of the mountain, which you can get to by climbing the roots inside the hollow part of the mountain
  2. After finishing Xinyan's quest, enter the cave and solve the totem puzzles. Lower the mountain by interacting with the drum, and it will be on top of a lantern inside the cave.
  3. On top of crates in the center of the island, in a hilichurl camp.
  4. After finishing Fischl's quest, talk with the 3 stone birds and throw 3 stones into the well to raise the water level and get the conch.


Unique Voice Lines for Ein Immernachtstraum Outfit in Genshin Impact

Listed below are some unique voice lines of Fischl when they are wearing their alternate outfit, Ein Immernachtstraum.

  • Bow before the true majesty of the Prinzessin!
  • Mein Auge der Verurteilung reveals unto me the fates of worlds too numerous to count.
  • My flesh is robed in the very tapestry of the heavens... Yes, a garment fit for a Prinzessin.


Ein Immernachtstraum Outfit Lore in Genshin Impact

—Curtains Rise—
O holiest of sovereigns, high princess of Immernachtreich!

Praise her eminent rule, extol her magnanimous judgement, exalted be her rosy visage.

The thunder roars for her, and for her are towers built.

The fief-lords of Immernachtreich and The Great Sekretär, most loyal Osvaldo Hrafnavins, gather here to await her command.

And her knights, silent and stern as the majestic mountains.

The first, the Knight of Valor, armed with a sword of keenness unmatched, yea, enough to sunder dragonscale.

The second, the Knight of Sincerity, shod in armor true, enough to withstand the storm of a dragon's wings.

The third, the Knight of Charity, righteous and pure in all ways, who quailed not before any darkness.

And the other knights gathered behind them, their heads bowed beneath the tower summit, gathered at their Prinzessin's feet.

And as for the Prinzessin, she withdrew her gaze from the deep night before addressing her servants:

"Valor, Sincerity, Charity, my most excellent subjects. Follow me unto eternity."

"For I am the noblest soul in all the Immernachtreich. So long as my heart beats, I shall never forsake you."

And the knights obeyed her:

"Our swords and armor are yours. May they be for you a means to break all shackles and guard against all corruption."

"Our true hearts also we give unto you, that they may defend your noble soul."

This was their knightly oath, and they would be by her side as she hunted the wicked dragon Tasraque.

For far away, black-hearted Tasraque had ripped and devoured the all-protecting night sky and set up its lair.

It had slithered in the dark, sharpening its fangs and claws, and with its flaming breath it had scorched the Prinzessin's heart, turning her eyes red.

This was the Prinzessin's fated foe, and their showdown was inevitable.

But the prophecy of fate has already been foretold. Fair and pure souls need not fret.

Simply open one's eyes and prepare to bear witness, for she shall surely return victorious.


—Curtains Fall—
Note: According to Flowers for Princess Fischl, Princess Fischl has "crimson eyes like rubies." The actor who plays her is thus advised to make the necessary performative adjustments to maintain faithfulness to the source material.


Ein Immernachtstraum Outfit Notes & Tips

  • Ein Immernachtstraum Outfit other notes, tips, and trivia for Genshin Impact.



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