Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto

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Location Grand Narukami Shrine, Narukami Island, Inazuma
Element electro element genshin impact wiki guideElectro
Boss Type Weekly Boss

Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto is a Boss in Genshin Impact. Bosses are special enemies that are typically stronger than your average enemies and elite enemies. They usually have their own location or arena within the game. Bosses provide better rewards than normal enemies, but you will need to spend a certain amount of Original Resin to claim them. There are some bosses that won't require you to spend resin, as you will encounter some of them through the Archon Quests. Event Bosses also won't require you to spend any resin to claim its rewards.

When fighting bosses, it is important to be prepared and smart in choosing the right characters for the fight, some bosses are immune to certain elemental reactions, and it would be a waste if you were to pick your main DPS character to have the same elemental strength as the boss.


This is the form of the puppet that inherited the Raiden Shogun's authority takes when she is opposing those who threaten Eternity.
As the Raiden Shogun's assistant in pursuing eternity, she has never doubted, never felt fear, never given anything less than her best, never been disturbed by idle thoughts.
She once heard about how Ei had shouldered a similar duty when Makoto was also present, suffering much agonizing loss in the process. When the two shadows overlapped once more, however, she could only see the countless fine fractures in what should have been "her" eternal will. Since fate is destined for cyclicality, she must fulfill her promise and declare war on "her".

Mine is the most supreme and noble form. Power over the realm has been vested within me, and I am the essence of all that is the "Raiden Shogun."
"Naturally, I have also inherited the pain of Ei's countless losses and her will to attain eternity.
"Resolve, valor, love, hate... They will all twist in the river of time.
"But the 'rules' will never change"'


Where to Find Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto


Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto Rewards and Loot

Players have a chance to gain these items upon defeating this Boss enemy. Drop rates and items may vary. Player level and other factors may affect these results. 


Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto Strategies

Strategy Writeup

Recommended characters: Xiangling for fast attack, any Electro character.  

In the start of the fight, Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto (Ei) will usually start off with an AoE Electro attack, so it's best to keep distance at the start while maintaining some poke damage with Bows or ranged Elemental Skills. 

A Playable Character with a quick attack speed is recommended to break the Magatsu Electroculi she summons, which will explode and deal massive AoE Electro damage if not destroyed quickly. If you break all the Magatsu Electroculi on the field, Ei will be stunned for about 10 seconds, allowing you to land a full combo with your party. In general, phase 1 is about hitting ther Magatsu Electroculi to stun Ei, and poking her from a distance while she does her AoE attacks.

Once phase 2 begins, continue doging and poking until she uses her Illusion ability. One of the Illusions spawned will use two cross slashes at once; destroying this illusion will cause Ei to be temporarilty stunned again, allowing for another full combo with your party. 

Once Ei is enraged (in her Baleful Shadowlord form), try to stay very closely behind her when shes not doing a 360 AoE, as you can dodge all melee combos in this position while dealing your own damage. However, the damage done in this phase is minimal because of her Electro shield. 

While in her Baleful Shadowlord form, she can fly up into the air, leaving behind a Flower of Remembrance, which needs to be destroyed by an Electro Playable Character to deploy a shield in order to block her undodgeable attack coming up.

Ei will also use Baleful Vajra's Destructive Waves while in her Baleful Shadowlord form, which will send shockwaves of Electro damage through the floor. You can simply dodge into these attacks to avoid taking damage from them. At the end of this attack, she will create 3 shockwaves at once, so try to dodge and jump right after to avoid all the damage.

Once her Electro shield is broken, Ei will go out of her Baleful Shadowlord form and will be stunned for roughly 20 seconds. From here on out, she will repeat the attacks from before.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Description
Every Phase
Ominous Destiny

This is a Rage bar which gradually fills up throughout the fight. When filled, Ei will transform into her Baleful Shadowlord form. If the player is hit by her attacks, the bar will fill up more.

Without taking many hits, this bar should fill up in about 1 minute and 30 seconds.  

Electro Shield

Melee attacks will cause the boss to put up an Electro shield, which if attacked, can cause an AoE Electro DMG counterattack.

To counter this shield, use powerful ranged attacks, as the shield will not be activated by any ranged attack.

Back attacks

Sometimes, if the player is behind Ei after she does a Stun Recover or Melee attack, she will follow up with another large back attack.

Stun Recover

After being stunned, Ei will deal a small amount of AoE Electro DMG.

Phase 1 (Polearm Form)
Halberd Combo

Ei will slash her Halberd in a large AoE 3 times, deal Electro DMG, then summon thunderbolts around her. 

Electro Explosion

Ei twirls her Halberd as warning, then creates a huge AoE Electro DMG explosion. 

Magatsu Electroculi

Ei summons Magatsu Electroculi which explode in a huge, almost undodgeable radius after a set amount of time. Destrotying the Magatsu Electroculi before it explodes will stun Ei for roughly 10 seconds. 

Electro Wave

Ei will sometimes follow up her Halberd Combo with a large vertical wave of Electro damage. 

Triple Magatsu Electroculi

Ei can also summon 3 Magatsu Electroculi at once, in which case the best thing to do is to destroy 1 and stay away from the radius of the other 2. This will not stun Ei. 

Summon Lightning

Ei creates a small AoE Electro explosion, and calls down lightning, which will strike the player regardless of distance from Ei. A warning circle will form under the players feet to indicate where the lightning will land.

Phase 2 (Sword Form)

Sword Combo 1

Executes 5 slashes of Electro DMG in a close range, with the 3rd attack dealing the most damage and the 4th attack having a huge range.

Sword Combo 2

Dashes directly towards the player, performing a circular AoE attack, then lunging at the player in a straight line. 


Ei's hand will flash purple before teleporting directly to the player, and executes 2 diagonal slashes of Electro DMG.

Sword Discs

Ei raises her sword to throw 3 Electro discs at the player, then a large horizontal wave of Electro DMG.  


Spawns 4 illusions that throw vertical slashes of Electro DMG at the player. One illusion will throw a crossed slash, indicating that it is the real Ei. Destroying this illusion will stun Ei for 10 seconds.

Phase 3 (Baleful Shadowlord Form)

Complete Ominous Destiny

Once the Ominous Destiny bar is completely full, Ei will summon pupeteer armor to increase all of her Elemental resistances and increase her damage. She also gains a very powerrful Electro Shield which also greatly increases her resistance to attacks. 

Ei will gradually lose her Ominous Destiny bar over time while in this form, which when depleted, will revert her back to her original form.

Baleful Shadowlord Attack Combo 1

Slashes twice directly in front of her and fires an Electro projectile on the floor in front of her, which explodes after 1 second.

Baleful Shadowlord Attack Combo 2

When the player is behind Ei, she will do a 180 slash with her sword and fire and Electro projectile on the floor, which explodes after 1 second.

Forward Slash

Baleful Shadowlord form Ei slowly raises her sword and casts it down, dealing large AoE Electro Damage. 

Electro Storm

Does a large AoE Electro DMG attack with a single slash of her sword in a 360 spin.

Empowered Electro Wave

Launches 5 quick vertical waves of Electro DMG at the player, and follows up with a slow moving horizontal wave. These can be dashed through.


Summons 2 pupeteer hands to crush the player, dealing AoE Electro DMG. Can be dodged.


Blinks directly to the player and deals an uncountable amount of slashes in front of her, dealing AoE DMG.

Burrowing Shadow

Summons a shadow which burrows into the ground and pursues the player, dealing Electro DMG over time while the player is on top of it. After some time, the shadow emerges as a hand, and smashes down at its emergence area, dealing AoE Electro DMG. 

Baleful Vajra's Destructive Waves

Summons 3 poles which each perform a shockwave of Electro DMG at equidistant times from eachother. After about 7 seconds, all 3 send shockwaves at once

"The Final Calamity"

Flies up into the air, leaving behind a Flower of Remembrance, which needs to be destroyed by an Electro Playable Character to deploy a shield in order to block an undodgeable attack of huge AoE Electro DMG.


Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto Lore

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Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto Notes & Trivia

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