Pyro Hypostasis

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Location Kannazuka, Inazuma
Element pyro element genshin impact wiki guidePyro
Boss Type Normal Boss

Pyro Hypostasis is a Boss in Genshin Impact. Bosses are special enemies that are typically stronger than your average enemies and elite enemies. They usually have their own location or arena within the game. Bosses provide better rewards than normal enemies, but you will need to spend a certain amount of Original Resin to claim them. There are some bosses that won't require you to spend resin, as you will encounter some of them through the Archon Quests. Event Bosses also won't require you to spend any resin to claim its rewards.

When fighting bosses, it is important to be prepared and smart in choosing the right characters for the fight, some bosses are immune to certain elemental reactions, and it would be a waste if you were to pick your main DPS character to have the same elemental strength as the boss.


Code Name: Ayin. A high-purity Pyro entity.
Elemental hypostases have the ability to often enter a sort of "emergency restart" phase when they are about to be destroyed and can revive themselves in this way.
Such rapid regeneration is not possessed even by most creatures for whom survival is the top priority.


Where to Find Pyro Hypostasis


Pyro Hypostasis Rewards and Loot

Players have a chance to gain these items upon defeating this Boss enemy. Drop rates and items may vary. Player level and other factors may affect these results. 

  • Mora
  • EXP




Pyro Hypostasis Strategies

Strategy Writeup

To start off, since this boss is a pyro elemental, he will be immune to any pyro attacks and will require you to use any other character that does not deal pyro damage. For optimum effectiveness, use the direct opposite element to counter the boss with a hydro damage dealer. Hitting it with hydro attacks will disable the boss' shield. The boss stats are as follows. 

  • Physical - 10%
  • Pyro - Immune
  • Cryo - 10%
  • Electro - 10%
  • Anemo -10%
  • Geo - 10%
  • Hydro - 10%

This boss's attacks comes in different physical forms. Counter them as they come and prevent the boss from regnerating its shield with more hydro attacks. Players will need to go through the boss attack stages while using hydro attacks to keep him from lighting and dealing optimum damage and effects. 


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Bull Lunge  A short quick attack where the boss forms a bull and take a quick short range lunge forward. This can easily be dodged as the boss takes time to tranform into the bull then takes a few extra seconds of down time before lunging forward and giving you time to step away.  
Leaping Fire Fish   Another one of its transformations is the fish. This one must be reacted to once you see the leap. For this phase you only need to step away from its landing spot, which can be anticipated with the direction of his jump. You can position yourself underneath the arch of the jump or just step away from the area of attack.  
Butterfly Bomb This attack is anticipated once the boss compresses before he explodes into a number of pyro butterflies. Best to just avoid this area as it effects the surrounding area.
3 Combo This is similar to previous attacks but it is a quick switch combination between the bull, fish and butterflies. This can be avoided by running from the area.
Fire Prunch Large AoE fist punches down on the ground. As soon as you notice this fist form, step away as it will release a wave of damage surroudning its punch. This can also be avoided by moving inwards as the effect ripples outwards.  
Snake Projectiles With the snake form, he remains stagnent and approachable all while shooting fireballs in three sets sweeping from one side to another. These can be easily avoided since you can predict where the firenballs will be aimed at based on the snake position.
Ball Roll During this sequence, the boss forms a ball and starts to roll. Simily dodge away or straight into him as he comes towards you. 
Large Bomb This attack gives players a fair warning and a short amount of time before detonating. This can be anticpated when the cube compresses into a small ball, starts to compress and pulsates and glow. This bomb affects the whole area, so players are forced to take a few steps way from the arena.
Fire Pillars During this attack, a number of cricles will emerge from the ground around the boss. Avoid these circles or remain near the main boss figure to avoid the attacks. 
Recovery When he spins and spawns 3 energy nodes, use a hydro attack on these notes to prevent a successful shield recovery. 
Cube Attack This move readies itself by preparing 8 cubes. They are set to shoot at you sporadically, but also follows up with some downtime for the boss giving players an opening to attack.


Pyro Hypostasis Lore

Boss Lore & Story Goes here


Pyro Hypostasis Notes & Trivia

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