Rhodeia's Rage

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Location Bishui Plain, Liyue
Element Hydro
Boss Type Event Boss

Rhodeia's Rage is an event Boss in Genshin Impact. Bosses are special enemies that are typically stronger than your average enemies and elite enemies. They usually have their own location or arena within the game. Bosses provide better rewards than normal enemies, but you will need to spend a certain amount of Original Resin to claim them. There are some bosses that won't require you to spend resin, as you will encounter some of them through the Archon Quests. Event Bosses also won't require you to spend any resin to claim its rewards.

When fighting bosses, it is important to be prepared and smart in choosing the right characters for the fight, some bosses are immune to certain elemental reactions, and it would be a waste if you were to pick your main DPS character to have the same elemental strength as the boss.


The Oceanid of Qingce has become unusually boisterous and filled with rage. She shall unleash the power that she once possessed as the foremost of Oceanid spies, which will make her more difficult to face than ever before.


Where to Find Rhodeia's Rage


Rhodeia's Rage Rewards and Loot

Players have a chance to gain these items upon defeating this Boss enemy. Drop rates and items may vary. Player level and other factors may affect these results. 

  • Mora
  • EXP



Rhodeia's Rage Strategies

Strategy Writeup

Rhodeia's Rage is the event battle against the regular boss, Rhodeia of Loch. As a hydro-centered boss it is recommended to use Electro or pyro character to counter her abilities. For this fight you will first face her before she starts to bring in her summons. 

Use Fitful Rapids to raise yourself higher and avoid damage. 


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Dive She takes a dive dealing damage to anything in its path. Side step to avoid her dive path. 
Swipe  It uses fits to make a swift 360 swipe. This can be anticipated when you notice the boss pull a fin back in preparation for this action. This action does not have a too large effect radius and should be easy to back away from. This boss usually performs this movement when you are in close range.  
Body Slam Another close range attack. She moves up to slam down to the ground affecting a small radius. 
Mini Whirlpools These are summoned throughout the arena and act as obstacles to playrse when they come into contact with them. They slow down player movements and can cause Hydro DMG.
Hydro Projectiles She has the ability to fire projectiles that have a tracking feature. You can keep your distance and back away until they disperse on the ground or interrupt them with a ranged attack. 
Double Boat Pigs  They each dash forward one at a time. They have a slow prep for this move and slowly walk toward the direction they're about to dash in giving the player enough time to prepare which way to dash away. During this fight, the difference between the regular boar summons is that these boars can change the direction of their charge. 
Double Crab They release a flurry of mini bubbles and usually attempt to corner you, all you have to do is keep moving back away from their spray.
Double Squirrels This form is manageable and quite slow. They slowly walk towards you and do a pouce accompanies with a hydro tail swipe. You can easily do some ranged attacks after putting some distance in between you and the enemy.
Phase 3
Water Blast This boss will start to fight from a distance. She will raise herself and send down a hydro blast beam in the direction of the player. Dash away from the area affected and continue to run because them beam will track the player. 
Whirlpool Tidal wave For this attack action she creates a large area whirlpool before placing herself in a bubbles and crashing it back down causing damaging to anything in range. 
Water Balls Bombs These are larger projectiles that she throws on the character. They end with a small blast dealing AoE Hydro DMG. Attempt to run from them once detected or counter them with a ranged attack. 

Rhodeia's Rage Lore

Boss Lore & Story Goes here


Rhodeia's Rage Notes & Trivia

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